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Three hours before the execution, Fleet Admiral Sengoku makes a big announcement about Ace's father.I don't recall Boa Hancock being particularly tall, which means the Marines must be tiny.Summary:Three hours before the execution, non-Marine residents have been evacuated from Marineford and the admiral, five of the Shichibukai and 100,000 troops have assembled at Marine HQ ready to take on Whitebeard. After Ace is brought out on to a platform, Fleet Admiral Sengoku arrives and states that he has an announcement to make. Sengoku asks Ace to reveal his father's identity and Ace answers that his father is Whitebeard, but Sengoku doesn't believe him. The Fleet Admiral then goes on to explain that Ace's mother had pulled off an incredible feat of being pregnant for 20 months in order to hide the identity of Ace's father, but the feat came at the cost of her life as she passed away after giving birth. Sengoku then goes on to declare that Ace's father is none other than the Pirate King Gold Roger much to the shock of the crowd.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ace's father is Gold Roger?! Judging by the last panel featuring Ace and Garp's reaction and the flashback panel to Gold Roger, this seems to be the truth. Garp probably took in Ace because it was the GAR thing to do. If this revelation is true, it would mean that Ace and Luffy aren't actually related by blood as both Ace's parents were dead after he was born. I suppose this explains why Luffy and Ace have different family names, and Ace went with his mother's family name. Luffy's father is probably still Dragon the Revolutionary though, since that's what we've been led to believe over last couple hundreds of chapters. Luffy's family sure has a complicated history, but I'm not sure how Ace being Roger's son would change the current situation. Chances are the situation won't change much, since both Whitebeard and Luffy are set on rescuing Ace anyways.
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