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I love it when the rumors of the past finally get confirmed in the present! Way back in March I spotted a note on Moon Phase that was talking about a light novel series called Ladies vs Butlers (or "Redii X Bato") getting "something-ified," but at the time no one knew what kind of announcement it would be. I'm not sure if that announcement was something different or if something happened and the announcement got delayed, but the latest word from Moon Phase is: anime-ification!If you missed my description the first time around, this harem comedy revolves around an orphan who lives with his uncle and starts taking butler courses at a school for rich young ladies. The basic idea is that the only boys in the school, I believe, are men in training to be butlers, and I'd guess they're probably mostly paired up with female students. Sounds like it could be fun; I'm a big fan of butlers, after all. I love the way they...buttle. <3
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