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Luffy vs. Mihawk, and the Marines reveal their trump card.The best weapon against the best swordsmen in the world is a scapegoat that can't be cut.Summary:Luffy is confronted by Mihawk and is unable to get past the world's no. 1 swordsmen. Nearby, Crocodile rejects Doflammingo's offer to team up and creates a tornado that catches the nearby Buggy. Meanwhile, Luffy is wondering how to get past Mihawk when he spots Buggy flying in the air. Luffy snatches Buggy out of the sky and successfully uses the clown to distract Mihawk long enough for Luffy himself to run past. Buggy tries to blow up Mihawk with a Special Muggy Ball but gets blown up himself. Mihawk tries to stop Luffy but he is confronted by Whitebeard's 5th Division commander Vista.While the pirates and government forces continue to fight, Fleet Admiral Sengoku orders the execution broadcast be stopped so he can unleash the Marine's trump card: a whole squad of Pacifista (Kuma-bots) led by Sentoumaru.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sengoku finally reveals his plans to win the battle, and it turns out to be a simple but effective plan. I was wondering if the Pacifista bots will show up during the battle since it seems a little strange that only the mechanized Kuma is fighting. The PXs are pretty powerful as seen in the Sabaody arc and it took Luffy's entire crew to take out one of those things, so it appears that the Marines have the upper hand. Whitebeard could still have something up his sleeve, or maybe some other reinforcements will show up for Luffy's side. We still don't know who opened the Gate to let Luffy's ship into Marineford, so the people responsible for doing that may show up.About the rest of this chapter: as expected Luffy manages to get past Mihawk without actually fighting him, and it was pretty hilarious how Luffy used Buggy in his Gomu Gomu no Scapegoat move. Actually Buggy has an inherent advantage in fighting swordsmen since he can't be cut, but Mihawk could probably kill Buggy even without Buggy blowing himself up.
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