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Mikoto tries being a Judgment member for a day.Yes, Kuroko wants to be your mom, your sister, and your lover.Kizari: My sundae...Mikoto: My complaint partner...Summary:There has been a string of bombings across Academy city. The bombings are characterized by an increased concentration of gravitons in the area ( seen by the satellites monitoring the city) and the perpetrator is turning aluminum objects into explosives. Sometimes these objects are even put into stuffed toys or people's bags so the perpetrator can avoid being detected. During a break, Kuroko tells Mikoto about what's been going on but warns Mikoto against interfering with Judgment business. After being belittled by Kuroko about not understanding about what Judgment does, Mikoto invites Kazari out for snacks so Mikoto has someone to complain to. The complaint session is cut short when Kuroko drags Kazari away for patrol duties, but Kazari leaves her Judgment armband at the table. Mikoto originally planned to return the armband, but she is approached by Konori who thinks Mikoto is the new recruit who is supposed to help her. Mikoto then changes her mind and decides to play Judgment member for a day just so that she can prove Kuroko wrong. A while later, Kuroko and Kazari returns to the restaurant to look for her armband, but instead they find a crying little girl who has lost her bag containing a present from her parents.I wouldn't refuse a date from Konori-senpai. Pretending to a Judgment member, Mikoto follows Konori around performing various duties including sweeping junk and helping people with directions. Mikoto discovers the job is less exciting but harder than she thought, but she refuses to give up so that Kuroko can't make fun of her. During a break, Konori informs Mikoto that they've received orders to look for a little girl's missing bag. The bag was nabbed by a stray dog, but for some reason Mikoto thinks that the bag contains an aluminum bomb and so she's very eager to find the bag. Konori and Mikoto look through many parts of the city for the stray dog and during the search Mikoto spots two guys beating up a guy with glasses and headphones. The two bullies make fun of Mikoto and leave, and the headphone guy complains about why Mikoto hadn't arrived earlier and leaves.Mikoto is afraid of bugs... well so am I to a certain extent so I can't really make fun of her.These kids have been watching too much ecchi anime.The search for the bag continues into a children's playground, and in the playground Mikoto spots the stray dog with the bag. Using her powers, Mikoto is able to nab the dog, but the dog had let go of the bag which is about to fall into a fountain. In order to save the bag from getting wet, Mikoto dives into the fountain and catches the bag and she ends up being soaked herself. Afterwards, Kuroko and Kazari arrive with the little girl to reclaim the bag. Mikoto finds out that the bag didn't contain explosives, and Konori, Kuroko and Kazari discovers that Mikoto has been posing as a Judgment member with Kazari's armband. Later at night in their dorm room, Mikoto admits to Kuroko that being a Judgment member is harder than it looks and she sees Kuroko in a whole new light. Kuroko purposely misinterprets the saying and tries to attack Mikoto, but she gets the door slammed into her back by the dorm supervisor who arrived to investigate the noise.Mission accomplished. Casualties: 1 soaked Railgun.The dorm supervisor has a penchant for KOing Kuroko. That's why I love her.The next day, two Judgment members arrive in a convenience store looking for a graviton bomb. The bomb explodes soon after and one of the Judgment members is seriously injured after trying to shield a customer from the explosion.Start of the real plot?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Supposedly this episode was based on a chapter from the manga, but it still felt like a filler to me. There was a little bit of material about the bombings in the beginning and the end of the episode, but mostly it was just Mikoto having a rather carefree day posing as a Judgment member. It was pretty weird that so many Judgment members were mobilized to find the little girl's bag even if the bag was a present from the girl's parents. No wonder Mikoto thought that it was a bomb. As Mikoto learns in this episode, Judgment isn't just about beating up thugs; the organization performs a much wider range of duties including the non-glorious activities such as street cleaning, helping with directions, and finding lost items. Come to think of it, Judgment is a rather crappy job to have: mostly dull and unrewarding, and probably doesn't pay well either despite the possible dangers. Given Mikoto's personality, it's better for her just to remain a civilian and beat up random thugs from time to time for entertainment. Overall this wasn't a terrible episode, but it definitely had the filler feel to it.Once again I find myself asking the question "when does the real plot start?", but it looks like there's light at the end of the tunnel and the next episode will be about the headphone guy and his bombings. Hopefully we'll see some real action instead of Mikoto diving into a fountain so the bag wouldn't get wet (which I also don't understand, since the graviton bombs have nothing to do with water).
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