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The conclusion to Kisame vs. Killer Bee.Praying isn't going to help.Summary:As Kisame tries to cut off Killer Bee's legs, Killer Bee secretly retrieves the pencil he threw earlier and throws it at Kisame, but pencil only grazes Kisame's face. Kisame swings down with the sword, but the blade is cut off by a ninja star thrown by Darui, who has arrived with Raikage and Shi. It was easy for Raikage's group to locate Killer Bee due to his battle with Kisame, and Killer Bee and Raikage proceed to decapitate Kisame with a front and back double lariat.Back in the Land of Iron, the samurais are trying to track down Jugo and Suigetsu. A troop leader notices that two of the samurais seem suspicious and orders them to take off their masks, and the two samurais reveal themselves to be Jugo and Suigetsu.Elsewhere, Mizukage and Chojuro have stopped Ao's body from decapitating himself. It is still Fuu's spirit inside Ao's body, and Fuu tries to trick Mizukage into breaking the barrier on Ao's Byakugan. Unfortunately for Fuu, Mizukage actually cannot break the barrier and she was able to tell that Ao is not in control of the body. Realizing he has no chance, Fuu calls Mizukage a hag and returns to his own body, leaving the real Ao to take the punch from Mizukage.Meanwhile in the snowy village, a clone of Sai approaches Naruto's group and states that he's going to tell the truth that Sakura failed to reveal.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A disappointing ending to the Kisame vs. Killer Bee fight. It's another one of those fights that received hype (Wow, tailed beast vs. tailed beast without the tail) but failed to live up to the billing. I guess Kisame is dead now and maybe Killer Bee will keep Samehada as a pet or something. Killer Bee is safe for now, but I think eventually Madara will capture him and extract the hachibi, since the villain's plans always have to be on the verge of completion near the final showdown.This chapter touched upon a bunch of other stuff as well. Jugo and Suigetsu have been found out trying to masquerade as samurais, and it's not clear why they are sticking around the summit grounds when Sasuke has already ditched them and left. On the other front, Ao is saved by his comrades, so nothing really developed from his chase with Danzo's group. Finally, Sai has returned to tell Naruto "the truth". Part of is probably the news that the other Konoha ninjas have decided to hunt Sasuke down, but I have a feeling that Sai has more to say as well. He is becoming more meddlesome in other people's affairs these days.
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