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A mad scramble at the execution platform to save Ace.Kids these days have no respect for their seniors.Summary:Garp jumps onto the ramp Inazuma created and is blocking Luffy's way. Luffy asks Garp to step aside, but Garp refuses to budge. Since Garp has broken the ramp, Luffy has no time to stall and charges straight at Garp. Garp swings at Luffy but hesitates at the last moment, and this allows Luffy to dodge the punch and knock Garp off the ramp. Luffy jumps onto the execution platform and fumbles with the key to Ace's cuffs, but the key is destroyed by a beam from Kizaru. Right next Luffy and Ace, Sengoku unleashes his ability and transform into a dark-colored giant, while the Marines around the platform aim their bazookas at Luffy and Ace. At this moment, Luffy suddenly recognizes that one of the executioners is Mr. 3. Mr. 3 wakes up and protects Ace with a wax wall as Luffy takes the brunt of Sengoku's punch by inflating himself. Sengoku's punch causes the platform to tip sideways, sending the brothers and Mr. 3 falling towards the ground. In the air, Mr. 3 forms a wax key to Ace's cuffs and hands it to Luffy just as the shells from Marine cannons fly towards the falling platform. The platform is obliterated by the shelling, but Luffy freed Ace in time and Ace uses his fire to save Luffy and Mr. 3 from explosion.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Exciting chapter, but I'm a little disappointed that Garp kind of just chickened out and effectively let Luffy get past him. I was hoping for a bit more on the grandson vs. grandpa match-up, but I suppose Garp letting Luffy knock him out was the easiest way out. Garp is probably going to pay for this, but that will be a while later now that Ace has been freed. Now that Ace has been freed, the most pertinent question now is which (pirate) characters will survive this battle. Ace's freedom does give the pirates a morale boost, but I don't think Ace by himself will be able to turn the tides and bring victory to the pirates. The chances of Ace surviving have improved though. Unless some miracle happens, a good number of pirates will probably be killed or captured especially now that Sengoku has inserted himself into the fight.
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