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Whitebeard gives his last order as a captain.A declaration of heroic sacrifice.Summary:Ace and Luffy jump back onto the battlefield and cause chaos among the Marines. The other pirates are reinvigorated and work to clear out a path for the brothers. A band of pirates led by Squadro (the guy who was tricked into stabbing Whitebeard) rows the remaining ship onto land in an effort to cover the escape of the other pirates, but Squadro and the ship is stopped by Whitebeard. Whitebeard then calls out to all the pirates and orders them to escape back to the New World while he stays behind to hold off the Marines.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Well, we all saw it coming. Now that Ace has been freed, Whitebeard is going to make the heroic sacrifice so that Luffy, Ace and the others can escape from Marine HQ. I'm sure Whitebeard can hold off a good number of enemies, but he can't hold all of the Marines and Shichibukai off can he? There's still the question of how the rest of the pirates are going to escape since they only have one ship remaining. Maybe the pirates from the archipelago are going to show up and ferry Luffy and company away? Everything seems to be set for Whitebeard to go out in a blaze of glory, but I wonder if there are going to be any more surprises.
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