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Kuroko and friends try to hook up the dorm supervisor with Kazari and Ruiko's homeroom teacher.Why are we stuck in this string of fillers!? WHY!!!?Summary:Sick and tired of her neck snapped by the dorm supervisor, Kuroko swears that she'll get revenge. One day, Kuroko and Mikoto spot the dorm supervisor walking on the streets by chance. The two follow the dorm supervisor to a orphanage where the dorm supervisor is volunteering, and by coincidence Ruiko and Kazari are volunteering there too. After observing the scene, the four friends can tell that the dorm supervisor has the hots for Daigo-sensei, a fellow volunteer who is also Ruiko and Kazari's homeroom teacher. The dorm supervisor obviously likes Daigo-sensei, but she's too shy to make a move. By this point, Kuroko has completely forgotten her revenge scheme and instead pledges herself and her friends to help the dorm supervisor get her man.Just a moist towel? I expected better of you, Kuroko.Predator and prey to comrades in conspiracy.After convincing the dorm supervisor to go with her plan (the dorm supervisor is not well versed when it comes to the matter of man), Kuroko along with Mikoto also volunteers at the orphanage in the next day. Kuroko sets things up so that the dorm supervisor and Daigo are together in the kitchen to make cakes, but the dorm supervisor becomes too nervous and ruins the moment. Kuroko then goes with plan B and sends the adults along with Ruiko and Kazari to buy cakes, but that plan was unsuccessful as the dorm supervisor has a tendency to walk into trouble.When you start seeing hallucinations like this, you know it isn't going to happen.Now back at the orphanage for the birthday party (for some of the kids), Kuroko tries to bait Daigo-sensei into saying various things to indirectly compliment the dorm supervisor. Suddenly, a minor earthquake hits the area. The dorm supervisor quickly changes back to her commanding personality and gets nearly everyone to crawl under the table. A boy tries to run and almost gets hit by a falling kettle, but the dorm supervisor dives in for the save. The dorm supervisor's actions has garnered Daigo-sensei's praise, and this causes the dorm super to daydream for the rest of the day to the point that fails to punish rule-breakers at the dorm. At night, the dorm supervisor receives a call from Daigo-sensei asking her out for a chat. Kuroko and friends follow the dorm supervisor to casual restaurant to listen in on the conversation. At the restaurant, Daigo-sensei asks the dorm supervisor about what she thinks about marrying an older partner. The dorm supervisor thinks he might be talking about the two of them marrying and answers that age doesn't really matter as long as he/she's deserving of the love and respect. Daigo-sensei is happy with the reply, and because of this the dorm supervisor and Kuroko and friends think they've succeeded.What kind of guy proposes after zero dates?... Oh right, it's not for her.The next day at the orphanage, the dorm supervisor asks Daigo-sensei about last night's conversation. Daigo-sensei thanks the dorm supervisor for her help and shows her the ring, but the ring is actually for the woman who runs the orphanage. The dorm supervisor takes the bad news well at the moment, but at night she reverts back to her harsh personality and cracks Kuroko's neck.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I don't know why I bothered writing such a long summary on another filler episode about another unimportant character. The good news is this episode wasn't any worse than the last episode, but the bad news is that it wasn't much better than the last episode. The episode focused on showing the dorm supervisor's softer side, but I actually prefer the side of her that cracks Kuroko's necks all the time. The quest by Kuroko and friends to get the dorm super together with Daigo-sensei was rather unimaginative. I question the expertise of Kuroko and friends seeing how none of them have boyfriends, although it's probably in Kuroko's best interests to quickly find the dorm super a boyfriend. I also found Daigo-sensei's question to the dorm super to be kind of strange. Don't most women marry men who are older than they are? It was apparent at the end what Daigo really meant, but the phrasing of his question was unclear.As for the interesting bits (other than Kuroko getting her neck cracked), the earthquake happened again for a second episode, and hopefully that will be a lead up to the action arc hinted at by the OP. Mikoto also got a remainder of her intrusion into Kiyama's memories, and I wonder if that will play into the remaining episodes.After watching this episode, it certainly looks like Railgun is stuck in neutral and coasting backwards down the hill. The next episode looks like another filler, but this time with Mikoto and fellow girls at the dorm dressed in maid costumes. I guess J.C. Staff has officially run out of ideas, and the serious arc with the glasses lady isn't long enough to take up all remaining episodes. Oh well, at least there is one person who would be ecstatic Mikoto in a maid outfit.
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