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Whitebeard battles Akainu, and someone makes a surprise return.Akainu gets what's coming to him.Summary:Luffy is devastated by Ace's death and is unable to move. Akainu goes after Luffy, but Marco blocks the attack while Jimbei grabs Luffy and runs. Akainu is then slammed to the ground by the enraged Whitebeard. Akainu retaliates and burns off Whitebeard's left face, but Whitebeard then smashes Akainu in the midsection with a mighty blow. Whitebeard's attack was so powerful that it created a chasm separating the Marines from the pirates, and the injured Akainu falls into the sea below. The pirates take the cue and start retreating to their ships, while Whitbeard continues to tear through the Marines. Suddenly, the Marines and Whitebeard notices the Blackbeard Pirates the Marine HQ building.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Whitebeard owned Akainu! Then again, you wouldn't expect anything less given the circumstances. It seems that the story has moved beyond Ace's death for the moment, and I think that's a good thing since there will plenty of time after the battle for characters to think about Ace. For now though, it's back to Whitebeard's glorious last stand, made even better by the surprise return of the Blackbeard pirates. Blackbeard's crew has grown both in numbers and in strength. The new members probably came from Level 6 of Impel Down, which means they are probably a lot stronger than Blackbeard's original crew. With Marine HQ in disarray, this may be a good opportunity for Blackbeard to seize control, but even with his current crew I don't think Blackbeard has the strength to take out all of the other Shichibukai, Sengoku, Garp, and the two remaining admirals. Blackbeard probably has something else up his sleeve, and I wonder if he found what he was looking for during his visit to Impel Down.
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