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Kaname Okimura, a student of Prefectoral Umineko Shougyou High ("Umisho" for short), joined the school's swimming club in order to learn how to swim, but the club is filled with weirdos, let alone teaches him swimming. Then, a sunny, happy-go-lucky girl named Amuro Ninagawa who was transferred from Okinawa joined the club. Her extraordinary underwater speed and unorthodox swimming style (plus her personal habit of nude swimming—a powerful magnet to teenage boys) surprised every club member, especially Okimura, because she reminds him of a mermaid-like creature he saw only once in his early childhood.Honestly, what is up with me and the whole stumbling upon the harem-esque fanservice anime. Not to mention the most ludicrous ones? Especially one involving sports? This is what happens when I fancy to watch a random anime through randomly selecting from a database. Anyways, on to my thoughts on this particular comedic romance ecchiness fanservice swimming sport, with a hint of tournament, anime!Anyways, like I have stated earlier, there is fanservice. And at a large level. And as stated earlier as well, we are once again in the whole harem-esque type of anime. While I would have classed Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho as another one of the multifarious harem anime out there, with the whole lack of thinking for themselves bit and having no personality (well most anyways), the characters here have more of an in depth characterization. Despite that however, the starting point, as usual, is cliché. However, the clichéness disappears gradually as every single character end up being watchable.For the story, it's basically your run-in-the-mill 'let's win the competition against the other swim club competitors'. Okay, so it's not really your basic run-in-the-mill, but whatever. Anyways, continuing on, the detail in the setting is... how can I put this... developed rather nicely as we can identify every member per their character. Anyways, I find that this was, overall, rather pleasant, although it did have its downs. Especially with some scenes that passed the limit break of fanservice. I'm not one to dislike fanservice, but too much is too much. Useless fanservice can really get rather annoying, as I have seen from Queen's Blade, but that is for another time. Anyways, my final verdict is that Umisho gives you the laughs, the character development and does not really leave you disappointed. Then again, if you aren't into these type of things and are more into the whole action packed animes, then this is clearly not for you.
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