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Kabuto makes Madara an offer he cannot refuse, while Naruto accepts the key to his seal. Oh you know... I just cobbled them together with my stockpile of body parts. Summary: Suspicious of Kabuto's offer, Madara asks what Kabuto wants for in return, and Kabuto states that he wants Sasuke for some experiments. Madara wonders what Kabuto will do if he refuses, and in response Kabuto summons one more coffin, the contents of which stuns Madara. Madara decides it's better to accept Kabuto's offer for an alliance, but states that he'll hand over Sasuke only after the war is over and in the meantime Kabuto is not allowed to be anywhere near Sasuke. While Madara and Kabuto go on to discussing their plans, Anko's team arrives not far away after following the trail of bodies left by Kabuto. After one of the team members spots Madara and Kabuto with his Byakugan, Anko's team decides to retreat and inform the villages. Back in Myobokuzan, Naruto is reluctant to accept the key to his seal since losing control with the seal opened means the nine-tails would be reborn. After thinking about his previous experiences losing control of the nine-tails, Naruto decides to sign the contract for the key because he needs to stop Sasuke. At Kumogakure, the high ranked shinobis are having an organizational meeting, but Killer Bee is sitting there thinking about his rap lyrics. Kisame is also in the room hiding within Sameheda and assessing Kumogakure's military strength. After some details are worked out, Raikage announces that they will hold a joint meeting with the other villages in three days. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Madara and Kabuto do join forces, but it looks like the backstabbing has already begun with Kabuto purposely leading Anko's team to Madara's hideout. With the way both of them chuckling and smiling, there should plenty more backstabbing to come. It's not too surprising that Kabuto wants Sasuke given how Orochimaru spent the latter part of his life obsessing over Sasuke. I wonder if Kabuto is also trying to take over Sasuke's body or is he up to something else. It's now time to make wild guesses as to whose dead body Kabuto showed to make Madara agree to his offer. It could be the First Hokage who is one of the few (if not the only) people to ever beat Madara, but Orochimaru has summoned him before so it wouldn't be that shocking. The Fourth Hokage? Probably not. It would be funny if Kabuto summoned Orochimaru, but that wouldn't scare Madara. Could it be Madara's brother? That might get a reaction out of Madara, but Madara isn't scared of his brother either. My most outrageous guess would be the Sage guy that spawned all the eye techniques. That would make Madara sweat a bit, but the guy died so long ago nobody would really know what he looked like, so it seems unlikely. Most likely, the mystery zombie will turn out to be a powerful character that hasn't been introduced in the manga yet. As for the other developments, there is not much to talk about on Naruto's side. At Kumogakure, Killer Bee is still being the blithering fool that he is and Kisame is getting nice intel. I'm guessing Naruto and Killer Bee will meet when the villages have their joint meeting so Naruto can get some beast-taming lessons from Killer Bee. And after that, Kisame will screw Killer Bee over when Killer Bee tries to use Sameheda in combat. It's only appropriate for that to happen given how all of Kumogakure let their guard down when Killer Bee brought home the sword that had the same chakra signature as Kisame.
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