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Times are changing after the climatic battle at Marineford. I work my ass off to save this goddamn government, and I can't even get a free latte!? Are you KIDDING me!? Summary: News of Whitebeard's death and the Marines' victory is spread across the world. Many civilians and Marines are celebrating, while some pirates are also celebrating because of Whitebeard confirming One Piece's existence. Other pirates such as the rest of the "Supernovas" realizes that time is going to change. Several predict that Blackbeard will be the center of it all, while others are concerned about Luffy's role. Elsewhere in the world, Whitebeard's old territory is being taken over by other pirate groups. Out on the sea some distance from Marineford, Hancock, Ivankov and the Impel Down escapees have caught up to Law's submarine using a commandeered Marine ship, with Hancock's snake Salome serving as the tracker. Law report that Luffy's life has been preserved but there is no telling if he'll ever recover. When asked about why he chose to save Luffy, Law answers he did it for no particular reason. Jimbei appears to thank Law for patching him up, but everyone is still worried about Luffy. To throw off the Marines, Hancock decides to call her fleet to escort the group to Nyouga island where Luffy and the others can hide. Back at Marine HQ, Sengoku receives the report on Impel Down and it's all bad news. Magellan was beaten to within an inch of his life, and several Level 6 convicts other than Blackbeard's crew are unaccounted for. Even worse, the world government has ordered Sengoku to cover up the incident. Elsewhere on the island, Moria is being beaten up by Doflammingo and several Pacifistas, and Doflammingo states that someone higher up than Sengoku has ordered for Moria to be put down. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The big battle is over and Luffy will probably be out of action for quite a while, but it doesn't look like the story is going to take a break. There were the expected developments such as the changes in the world and Luffy going into hiding, but there were some surprises. The news of other Level 6 convicts escaping isn't all that surprising, but what makes that interesting is the government's order to cover up the escape. I guess the world government is just trying to maintain the fact that since those prisoners never existed, and thus there can be no escape. I have a feeling that cover-up will come back to bite someone in the behind though, most likely the Marines. The most surprising development was at the end, with Moria being ganged up upon by Doflammingo and the Pacifistas on somebody's orders. I wonder why Oda brought Moria back from his defeat at Luffy's hands only to put him away like this, but I guess it's going to serve some purpose in the story. Doflammingo's order probably came from someone in the world government as well. It seems the story may be dwelling into what the government's reaction to the big battle. We'll see if Moria manages to survive past this chapter. Lastly, some of Ivankov's comrades said they wanted to go to the Kamabakka Kingdom, which is where Sanji is located. Maybe that trip will lead to Sanji rejoining Luffy's crew.
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