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This episode is mixed with srs bzns, fluffiness, and lolz. Mostly the lolz, because Shingen's so damn hilarious for a villainous type of character. I might've liked Baccano's Szilard if he has a crack personality like Shingen's, haha![ SLASHER: A SUPERNATURAL ]Izaya-kun reveals to us that the Slasher is actually a supernatural being, or to be exact, it's about a sword possessing the minds of humans. Those possessed have their eyes glow red... and I guess it's pretty safe to link the Slasher to the troll that spams our chatmates. It's been talking about cutting/slashing, love, mother... on the mother thing... maybe that would be revealed already on the next episode. Hehe.Interestingly, it appears that the sword was actually used by Shingen to get Celty's head. Why he wasn't possessed... I don't get. Or maybe he's that knowledgeable of the supernatural that he knows how to handle supernatural objects. A scientists that experiments on mythical stuff.... so interesting~ And it appears that he's not alone on it, for dear Izaya-kun loves his Norse myth theories.[ ANRI: REVEAL WHAT'S MYSTERIOUS ABOUT YOU ALREADY ]I honestly would've disliked Anri by now if she weren't a Narita character and... if I hadn't been spoiled on who she really is xDWhat I don't like with Anri isn't because she needs protection often.... but more of because she's not being fair to dear dorky Mikado. T_TBut anywayz, I guess that this episode is already hinting that Anri has some connection the the Slasher.. and evetually to Celty as well. I want a different Anri soon....[ MIKADO: FOREVER ADORKABLE ]Oh Mikado.... pure pure boy is really so in love with Anri... even his best friend says so. I hope he admits already soon....But well, the beloved dork doesn't only have his crush in his concerns, but even on his gang as well. I think leader is worried that his gang will get a bad image because of the slasher.It's cute that it was Celty who comforted him (officially close buddies now? =3). It appears that people have forgotten about a headless Celty on TV already.... since no one made it an issue that she suddenly approached an "ordinary" highschool kid. Hehe.[ MASAOMI: LOVES BF AND GF ]I think this episode had already shown to us that Masaomi has officially given up on Anri? Well, he did say directly to Anri that he'll let his best friend have her. Love traingle no more? YES! And he finally had a reunion with his girlfriend. Finally.Yellow Scarves are increasing in number now.... I can't wait to see what Masaomi will do about it... and also his gang life background~[ IZAYA: LOVE DOCTOR WANNABE ]BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA *still laughing out loud as she watches a female icon with Izaya's voice*.................................*finally calms down*Izaya could sense that Mikado was worried about Anri because of the slasher news... and he even exchanged private messages with him to assure the kid that Anri's alright. YOU DON'T LIKE A SAD MIKADO, I KNEW IT!!! Mikado has this magic that even a bastard like Izaya wouldn't want him to be worried xD Hahahahhaa! *still can't get off her mind that Izaya is pedo*Izaya.... you shipper... of Mikado x Anri. Bwahehehehe.....I think he also ships Shinra x Celty xD Yeah, he insults Shinra for his tastes (it was insulting enough to make Celty threaten him) but he has always been like that to Shinra and still enjoys to piss him off (that's Izaya's way of showing his friendship love, LOLz). Izaya was indeed so surprised that they became canon (or maybe not, since he had sort of hinted that things are happening faster than he had anticipated).... but he didn't show any objection nor disgust.I like my fantasies of my favorite character being a shipper.... LOLz(extra: Izaya... you are filthy rich yet you only have a ceiling fan? You've gotta be kidding me....)[ CELTY: KYAA and DAAW ]Celty was very very very very cute in this episode especially when she's going lovey dovey on Shinra... (when she was like playing with her fingers being shy about the topic was really adorable) her emotions can be seen through the smoke she emits xD It's a HEART shape... how cute~ I wouldn't have noticed that if it weren't for wesleydodds... and thanks to it I noticed the second heart shape. Hehe.I'm happy that she admits it.... unlike most tsunderes who still won't admit the obvious unless it's near or the last episode of the series =_=[ SHINRA: EPIC FAIL PERVERT ]Shinra's a pervert.... and everybody knows it.... and people acknowledge that he got that personality from his father... however his father fails to process that fact to his brain, LOLz.The scene when he wanted to see a naked Celty in a shower was so hilarious xD And his talks of wanting to measuer Celty's body for her wedding dress. Oh he's such an amusing pervert~It was also very amusing to watch his face when he's being so jubilant over the fact that Celty had said to others that she does love him. Congratulations Shinra for saying bye bye to your unrequited love~Crack!Shinra still has secrets though.... but he didn't keep it for long. I think he was afraid of saying it for he knows that Celty would want to be alone after hearing that. Haha. Oh Shinra, try to survive without Celty... you're too obsessed with her xD[ SHINGEN: ABSOLUTE LOLz ]He's such an asshole but it's difficult to hate him because he's sooooooooooooo hilarious xD Shinra and Celty might've been feeling the same way, for they still can't kill him (I think that'll still be the case even if you put aside his father/father-in-law relationship to them). Hahaha!It was funny that he was so against the relationship at first for very shallow reasons... but also easily approved of it later... and even demanded Celty to call him "Otou-sama". Bwahahahahaha xDHe had also revealed such a big secret here but it was presented like it was just some joke xD How amusing that he easily got away from Celty.... in such a comical way as well. Hahahahhahaha!!!!Thanks for appearing Shingen.... for every episode with you showing your crack personality had been so freakin' entertaining that my stomach hurts from too much laughing. Haha! Izaya even mentions that he has a twisted personality.... and Shingen saw it as flattery??? LOLz LOLz LOLz( almost forgot: TOY GUN TO USE ON NAMIE!!!! LOLz)[ SHIZUO: BIASED FRIEND ]He says that only an idiot will call others idiots but since he already knows that he's an idiot, he says that it's okay. LOLzShizuo's a tsundere... in a way. Oh he's such a loving buddy xDHe doesn't give a damn about Dollars and the whole Slasher thing... but when he found out that it had attacked Celty, he was quickly energized to start killing someone xD Hahahaha! Because his buddy's involved, he's in! xD He's so ready that he already rode on Celty's bike xD Hahahahaha!Celty quickly calmed him down and made him behave... and go away in the meantime. She was wise enough not to bring Shizu-chan along because she's going to meet Izaya-kun, hehe.[ NEXT EPISODE ]Shizuo finally on Celty's bike and a helmet looks amusing on him xDAnd the interviewing guy.... oh I look forward to the time when he starts doing that xD Yay!And I miss the Dollars otakus~
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