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凉风 #139 先生 せんせい A teacher calls Yamato into the office and tells him that he's likely to fail, since he's done so poorly at math. For some reason, this comes as a shock to Yamato. Back home, he is studying hard, but totally frustrated because he doesn't understand the math. Suzuka comes to the door with rice-balls from his aunt, because he missed dinner. She offers to help him with the math, even though she herself isn't especially great at it. He's really pleased. As they study, she gets angry with him for being so slow to get it. He says his head is spinning. She forces him to eat to get up his mental strength. He feels as if he is in hell, or as if she's his sister.She sets him some homework, then goes and sits on the bed reading. He says she can go home, but she says that if she did he would slack off, and she really wants him to get in to her school, so she's staying. After a while, she falls asleep and awakes to see that he's asleep, too. She looks at him and thinks he's cute. She plays with his face a bit, but he doesn't wake up. She eventually falls asleep beside him. In the morning, Miho calls from outside the door to wake him up for school. Inside, Yamato and Suzuka are still there together leaning against each other and the bed, both asleep.P/S: Too busy with new year visiting but will write the full summary tonight. Like this chapter a lot because of Suzuka teasing Yamato while he's asleep
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