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This episode just showed us how kickass Shizuo is, how badass Anri is, and how jackass Izaya is.Also how sweet the trio, Anri + Mikado + Masaomi, are.[ OH WALKER ]I didn't get the animanga references because I haven't seen/read them. But their way of advertising is really cute.... I wonder if those titles are actually released in Dengeki Bunko.... I got lazy to check.I also don't know the female character at the car door featured (she's familiar though).... but it was most likely Walker's choice.... so amusing~[ SHIZUO'S ENTERTAINING AND AWESOME FIGHT ]The most hilarious parts in this episode for me are Shizuo's fighting stunts!!! Bwahahahahhaha! His poses (I call it ballet!) and attacks (there's a spin xD).... feels like watching some kiddie shounen action show. They're so corny... yet so much fun.... and awesome even! Even Celty says so, hehe. And he says he's not holding back because they say they love him. Yeah, he's twisted as well.By the way:Why does he look so handsome in almost all his freakin' close-up in this episode?! xD I LOVE IT!!! SHIZUO WITH OR WITHOUT SHADES IS COOL!!!! YAAAAAY![ ANRI AND SAIKA ]Okay, to one of the major events in the episode, we finally get to learn more about Anri and the problem with Haruna's Saika has been resolved.So I can finally unsee Anri as being a girl that's just quiet and a target of bullying. She's capable of being a badass... and if you mess with her, she'll tell it straight that she's so gonna do something awful to you. She may be a parasite but it appears that she also returns favors and is pretty fair in fights (though it can't be exactly called a fight... since Haruna's just slashing randomly... and like Anri had said, she's no fighter).Since Anri's with the original Saika and can control all those affected by it, that already makes her ery powerful and pretty much a gang leader. But hhhmmm... hopefully her army isn't the same (ability-wise) as Haruna's Saika, 'coz they're just a bunch of useless zombies. It would be cooler if she could control actual fighters.Back to Anri, she had a very lonely past. At first I assumed her happy memories were just her dreams (dear narrator kept on saying that there's a lie and the truth). But I saw a picture of a happy family, so perhaps something joyful really happened. Either that or those happy photos and experiences were just pretend and the father had been cruel all-the-time in reality.... but oh yeah, it was mentioned that the father goes like that if business is doing bad. Hmmm...Speaking of business, he's an antiques dealer so he's perhaps whom Shinra's dad had sold it to. How the mother got her hands on the blade is quite odd... unless they also live in the shop.Still, it was a sad childhood. No wonder there's something wrong with Anri's head. Hehehehe....[ MIKADO AND ANRI ]There's still something wrong with Anri mentally like most of the main cast but she's now okay physically. But of course, Mikado's still freakin' worried (It was mentioned the Masaomi visited earlier. I assume that it's no longer shown because Masaomi's just gonna crack corny jokes in most of his lines, hehe. And I think he left early for two reasons: 1) because of where he's about to go in the last part of the episode 2) because he ships Mikado x Anri and want them to give some time alone. Oh I love best friends with love triangles that don't last too long and end up as annoyingly angsty~)Back to Mikado and Anri, Mikado's reactions when Anri told him about Shizuo and Celty amused me~ Haha! And he got disturbed when Anri finds Celty so awesome and he said that Celty's female. Ah.... it's hinting something. And oh, Mikado's been contradicting himself when he's telling her to live normally. Fufufufufu.... he has no idea how alike her is to his friends~Also, I think this is the first episode with Anri being so cheerful? So many unusual and interesting things happened that night and she got really excited to tell him about it. Unfortunately, she couldn't tell everything (I know you don't want him to be involved and you thought he was ordinary... but you not telling him made him do uneccessary... same with Masaomi... waaaaah... it's not your fault, Anri, but still..... waaaaahhh)[ I LOVE MY OTP ](I know I've mentioned this last episode but I would love to mention it again: Namie is sitting on Izaya's chair! xD Hahaha! Izaya may be the boss but we can see that he's not really treated as one. Hehe. Izaya seems to be the more respectful one.... hahahaha! And I think she also never looked at him in this scene [shows how uninterested she is at what he does] while he kept on glancing at her.... I know that's just something pretty natural if you're telling others a story or something, but still.... I wanna see that as Izaya's one-sidedness to Namie. LOLz)Anyway, aside from telling others about the interesting things you've encountered, it's also fun when you tell others of the brilliant things you did and thought of. (Reminds me detectives in detective anime, who enjoys so much to explain how they figured out who the criminal is and how exactly the crime happened) Bastardly masterminds are the same, and Izaya's no exception~ Hehe. Right now he's been revealing his doings in this case to Namie. Of course my goddess doesn't praise him xD But anyone would naturally be curious and Izaya happily did it for her. The crazy dude's often alone; it must be refreshing for him to have someone to talk with now~[ IT'S ONCE AGAIN HIS FAULT ]Fufufufufu.... it turns out that Shizuo's right.... he may be simple-minded, but he was right: Izaya did have something to do with all this. Hahahahahah! Everything went according to Izaya's plan... at least most of them. Though Izaya's still sad that Shizuo didn't die. Hahahahaha! He always had to add that small detail whenever the topic goes to Shizuo. It's amusing. Even if it'll be something he has not expected, it'll make him happy if Shizuo dies. Haha![ THE COMPLICATED GANG WAR ]But aside from Namie, looks like the other person who has an idea who is behind everything is Anri. She may be a parasite, and is dangerous if you mess with her, but it looks like she's also be kicking the asses of those who'll mess with those she has attached to. It looks like she has gotten over Mika, and she had already repaid the teacher who made it possible to have them together as much as possible. So now her attachment is more towards the boys now.... that's so sweet~ The duo may have had protected her from a sexual harasser and stuff, but on things that are even more dangerous, looks like Anri's also capable of protecting them. So cool~ I really love Narita women... why so awesome.... *too happy that she cried*Anywayz, thanks to the beloved bastard, even though the Slasher issue is already resolved, the leaders of big gangs thought it didn't and even became more serious about the issue because Anri got involved in it. They care for Anri that much; oh those boys are so sweet as well~ Thanks to people making false gossips (which I will not be surprised if Izaya started them), Yellow Scarves has considered the possibility that Dollars is behind it. So a war between gangs is gonna start though in actuality the leader of the two groups are just freakin' serious on butchering whoever had hurt Anri.... though it's all just a misunderstanding. *sigh*. This is what Izaya wants... and it makes him so villainous. What he did was really really cruel. But... he's still my favorite character because he's amusing xD LOLzOh yeah, I guess it's already obvious in this episode that Masaomi's the leader of the Yellow Scarves, and has no crack moment in all his appearances in the entire episode. It's so cool to see Masaomi's other side~[ NEXT EPISODE ]Looks like there'll be a lot of Masaomi next episode~ We'll also get to see how Izaya messed up his life.Waaaaaahhhhh!!!! My top favorite is so cruel to my other favorite but..... still..... waaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!And oh yeah:WALKER OPENED HIS EYES O_OHow could the DRRR!! guys be so goodlooking? xD
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