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  We left off last chapter with Guy unleashing an attack against Kisame.  Guy is left dumbfounded thinking he hit a blowfish when Killer Bee arrives on the scene and reveals that Kisame is an Akatsuki spy.  A battle starts and Kisame absorbs ___ chakra and Samehada absorbs Killer Bee’s chakra.  Kisame then uses his Water Shark Missile technique to launch himself far away.  Killer Bee, using what little chakra he has left launches Guy to where Kisame is.  Guy ends up summoning his turtle to use as a stepping stone to increase his jump distance.  We also find out that Naruto injured his ankle when he attacked Kisame last chapter.  Guy catches up to Kisame just when he’s about to send off his collected info and the two of them duke it out.  Guy is forced to release the Seventh Gate in order to keep up with Kisame.  The chapter ends with the two unleashing a powerful attack on one another.      My Thoughts: I gotta say, Guy is pretty damn awesome.  Despite his childish and over-the-top personality, when comes to a fight, Guy is amazing.  As for what will happen next chapter, I predict that Guy will successfully stop Kisame from sending his info on the village but both will survive the fight.  We’ll probably get a glimpse of Guy about to release the Eighth Gate only to be stopped by Yamato. Permalink | Leave a comment  »
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