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    It’s the showdown between Mystogan the Prince of Edoras against Great Demon Lord Dragneel aka Natsu.   At first Mystogan is hesitant to fight as he believes no one would be able to fall for Natsu’s trick but attacks anyways using his sleep magic only to find out that the Anima has already taken the magic.  A fist fight breaks out.  Mystogan who still has doubts about the plans takes notice of the citizens cheering him on.  While fighting Natsu starts the “farewell ceremony” for Mystogan telling him the 3 laws that a member must obey when leaving Fairy Tail.  After all that, Mystogan eventually wins and declares the defeat of the Great Demon Lord Dragneel and that they’ll be able to live on even without magic.  At that time, everyone who has magic stored within their bodies meaning all members of Earth Land Fairy Tail and the Exceed being to glow.  This is caused by the Anima with the purpose of removing all magic from Edoras.  With all of them going to Earth Land now, they say their goodbyes and the chapter ends.                                                            My Thoughts: Hurray!  We’re moving on to a new arc.  The Edoras arc was pretty good though.  The Exceed all going to Edoras was a huge surprise to me.  But I guess that means Gazille will get his very own cat.  Cheers!  There’s also a possibility that other members within Fairy Tail on other guilds will get their own cats too.  Somewhere down the line, I’m expecting to see an Exceed villain in the series.  That’ll be pretty fun to see.  As for the next arc, it’ll probably have something to with the dragons that Gildartz mention at the beginning of the Edoras arc.  Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to what happens next.  Permalink | Leave a comment  »
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