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The Straw Hat crew continue to assemble on Saobody. That must be quite the body odor to knock out so many people like that. Summary: The read Luffy (carrying a huge bag of supplies from Boa Hancock) bumps into the fake Luffy. The fake Luffy gets pissed at points his pistol at Luffy, but Luffy knocks out all of the fake crew with haki and then moves on. Meanwhile, Robin visits the Thousand Sunny and chats with Franky who has upgraded both himself and the ship. The two talk about how Luffy hasn't been seen yet and they wonder if Brook will rejoin the crew. On Grove 47, the fake Straw Hat crew assemble to plan their next move, and the real Chopper still thinks he is with the real crew. The fake Luffy plans to gather all of his new recruits on Grove 46 to hunt down the real Luffy, Nami and Usopp, and he also plans to ditch the fake Robin (who has been kidnapped). Chopper is shocked by fake Luffy's plans and runs away to rescue fake Robin. Unbeknownst to the fake Straw Hat crew, the Marines have been keeping a tab on them, and Sentomaru has decided to take along two Pacifistas to take care of the problem. On Grove 42, Sanji goes to buy food from a local fisherman and the fisherman mentions that he saw Zoro getting a coated pirate ship that started going underwater. Sanji thinks that Zoro might be gone for good now that he got on the wrong ship, but soon Zoro emerges from the ocean after cutting the pirate ship in half. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of the real Straw Hat members have now made their appearances, and their first battle after the 2 year hiatus is right around the corner. Franky has the biggest physical change out of the members and looks even more robot-like than before, but his personality is still the same. Meanwhile, it looks like Zoro really did lose an eye. Now that all of the real Straw Hats have shown up, it's time to put their new powers to the test. The fake Straw Hats and whoever they gathered are probably just small fries, but they did serve of the purpose of drawing out Sentomaru and the two Pacifistas who'll probably end up being the first serious opponents of the reformed Straw Hat crew. It's funny how the fake Straw Hats were able to get away with their charade despite the fact they look so different than the actual Straw Hats, but the civilians, the Marines and even Chopper appear to buy into the fact that the crew changed over the last two years or so. We can forgive the civilians, but the Marines and Chopper need their eyes checked lol. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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