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The Straw Hat crew begin to gather at the Thousand Sunny. I wonder what'll happen when someone pulls Franky's finger. Summary: On Grove 35, Chopper is running around looking for fake Robin when he runs into the real Usopp and Nami who clue Chopper in on the fake crew. Meanwhile, fake Sanji and Zoro are looking for Chopper but they spot the read Luffy instead, and the real Luffy mistakenly identifies them as the real Sanji and Zoro. On Grove 41, the real Sanji tries to convince Zoro to go back to the Thousand Sunny, but Zoro wants to fish and the two start arguing like usual. At Grove 46, a large crowd of pirates have gathered under the call of the fake Luffy. Two million+ bounty pirates, the brothers Wet Hair Caribou and Blood Splattered Coribou are among the crowd, and Wet Hair quickly spots and stabs a Marine who has been spying on the crowd. The fake Luffy arrives and orders the pirates to find the criminals who have embarrassed him (the real Luffy, Nami and Usopp), but at this time the fake Sanji and Zoro leads the real Luffy right into the meeting. Meanwhile at Grove 33, Brook's concert is interrupted by the arrival of the Marines who are here to arrest Brook for his roles in his previous pirate crew and the Straw Hat crew. It turns out Brook's long-armed managers sold him out after Brook said he wanted to retire. Despite the Marines and his managers pointing guns at him, Brook calls the band for one final song called "the New World". Elsewhere, Usopp, Nami and Chopper have returned to the Thousand Sunny, and Usopp and Chopper have a lot of fun checking out the features on Franky's new body. Rayleigh and Shakky arrive to inform the crew that Marines are crawling all over the archipelago thanks to the fake Straw Hat Crew and thus the real crew should get ready to depart. Brook, Sanji and Zoro have been instructed to return to the ship, and the only person who is still out and about is Luffy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The story continues to set up the Straw Hats' departure from Saobody and a likely battle against the Marines and the other pirates. Those of us hoping for a 600th chapter spectacular are probably a little disappointed, but the story still needs a bit of time to build up after the time skip. I'm surprised that the fake Straw Hats managed to recruit two million+ bounty pirates, but it seems that Luffy's reputation has grown so much that people start blindly believing in him. On the other hand, I'm not surprised that Luffy misidentified the fake crew as his own crew. We all know Luffy ain't the brightest light bulb in the box, but at this point he is probably powerful enough to survive against all of the pirates that the Fake Straw Hats have gathered. I still think that the biggest challenge to the real Straw Hats will be Sentoumaru and his two Pacifistas, but we'll see if they'll run into each other this time. Finally, Franky's hairdo mechanism is amusing, but it seems that he prefers a buzz cut nowadays. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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