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The Straw Hat crew set sail for their next adventure. ... and they are off once again. Summary: Luffy, Sanji and Zoro head for their ship while Rayleigh and Perona (who gave Zoro a ride to the archipelago) hold off the Marines. The marines are swarming all over the archipelago, but they are stifled by various people that the Straw Hat members have trained with for the last two years such as the weather wizards, Heracles, and the Newkamas. Luffy, Sanji and Zoro are eventually picked up by Chopper and his giant bird friend and arrive in the Thousand Sunny shortly after. A Marine battleship appears to confront the Straw Hats, but the ship is blocked by the Kuja Pirates led by Boa Hancock. With the Kujas distracting the Marines, the Straw Hats activate the coating system on their ship and set sail underwater for their next destination, Fishman Island. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It looks like the reunion mini-arc is over, and the reunited Straw Hats immediately set off on their next adventure. It's good to see that the crew is together again and acting silly even though the Marines are closing in. I was hoping that the Marines or some other party will put the Straw Hat crew's new abilities to the test on Saobody, but I suppose Oda is saving those for later and we'll see the new powers in due time. With so many people helping them, it'd be impossible for the Straw Hats not to leave the archipelago lol. Let's hope the first real arc after the time skip will be a good one. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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