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凉风 #146 序章 じょしょう Overview:1. The next day at school, during lunch, Yamato had talk with Yasonobu again. Yamato was worried that their relationship was over.2. Yamato waited by the lockers after school3. Suzuka arrived and Yamato tried to talk to her4. She felt embarassed and turned away leaving the area5. At night back in Yamato's room, he thought about Suzuka happily commented that they would be able to attend the same university together in the past6. Suzuka was alone in her room, sitting on her bed, thinking of something7. Yamato burst in through the hole, kneeling down and apologized to Suzuka8. Suzuka was shocked and later forgave him9. They then have a conversation and Suzuka asked if Yamato was displeased with her10. Yamato denied and replied rather it was him who like her too much. 11. Chapter ends with Suzuka saying that she wouldn't mind if it was now. P/S: Anticipating next chapter... still doubt they will have a intimate experience. Something will interrupt them.
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