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King Neptune leads Luffy and friends back to his palace. Soft and bouncy coral... does such a thing exist? Summary: A few hours earlier, three mermaids investigate the barrel that washed ashore with the Straw Hat and they release Caribou. Caribou then uses his Devil Fruit powers to capture the mermaids into his body with plans to sell them in the slave market. Back to the present, some have pinned the disappearance of the three mermaids to the Straw Hat crew. Prince Fukaboshi has gotten word of this and Madam Shirley's grim prediction and decides that he has to deal with Straw Hat crew. Meanwhile, King Neptune leads Luffy and friends toward his palace. It turns out that the shark (named Megalo) that's with the King is the mermaid princess' pet, and the king want to thank the Straw Hats for saving Megalo from being bullied by the kraken. Luffy and friends also learn that Zoro is already drinking at the palace, while Nami reveals that Franky and Robin headed off on their own businesses. Nami then wonders why it's so bright at Fishman Island, and King Neptune explains that a colossal tree name "Sunlight Tree Eve" brings light and and air from the surface down to the depth. The group finally arrive at King Neptune's impressive palace, but the king himself is immediately scolded by his ministers. While the king is talking to his minsters (about a message from Fukaboshi), Luffy follows the smell of delicious food and wanders to a giant door that appears to have weathered a lot of attack. Luffy walks into the dark room and sees food in the distance, but his progress is impeded by something soft and bouncy. Suddenly, the light comes on and Luffy's tossed to the floor, and Luffy discovers that he was walking on the breasts of Princess Shiraboshi who is a giant of a mermaid. Shiraboshi thinks Luffy is an assassin and starts crying and screaming, and Luffy is not sure what to do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One Piece is taking its time to build up this story arc. So Luffy and crew saved the shark from the kraken. For some reason I thought the shark was controlling the kraken since it appeared just as the kraken was defeated and then the kraken turned nice afterwards, but what's presented in the chapter makes more sense. Because of this, Luffy and friends are invited to the royal palace, but trouble is brewing on multiple fronts. Other than the New Fishman Pirates, Caribou is on the loose and causing trouble again. People are pinning Caribou's crimes on the Straw Hats and it sounds like King Neptune will be in on the news. Meanwhile, Luffy is getting in trouble with the giant mermaid princess who people are trying to kill for some reason. Given all the false accusation and grim predictions surrounding the Straw Hats, I won't be surprised if King Neptune tosses Luffy and friends in jail in the next few chapters. Another note from the chapter is that it sounds like all of the Straw Hats are okay despite the rough entry into Fishman Island. I'm surprised that none of them ended up in the bad side of town or in some other kind of trouble, but I suppose Luffy and friends are already caught in enough trouble.From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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