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I was looking around for a horror anime and came across Ghost Hound. It starts off with a mysterious feel and I couldn't help but to get hooked into watching. There are many mysteries and puzzles throughout the series, and it's really interesting to see how the characters seek explanations (both supernatural and scientific) to them. Ghost Hound is also unexpectedly educational as there were also many references to psychology and neurology throughout the series.Story: (8/10) – GoodGhost Hound is one big puzzle on its own and within it, there are many small mysteries, which are explained throughout the series. The premise of the story and some of the mysteries are very interesting but I'm slightly disappointed with the ending as I was expecting something more mind-blowing. I also feel that some parts are not explained properly, but perhaps there can never be a proper explanation for them.Characters: (9/10) – Very GoodMy first expression of the 3 main characters (Tarou, Makoto and Masayuki) wasn't much as they looked plain to me. However, as the series progressed, I like the characters, their personalities, and their developments more and more.Tarou - Cute! Despite his appearance, he's surprisingly strong-willed.Makoto - Very cool! Definitely my favorite among the three main characters.Masayuki - I thought he was quite pushy initially, but he's actually very thoughtful.Art/Animation: (8/10) – GoodI like the character designs of the humans but I can't say the same for the spirits/ghosts. On the other hand, the animation is pretty good.Music: (8/10) – GoodI like horror anime but I don't share the same passion for music. I don't really like music with a creepy feel and this is what I feel about the Opening theme "Poltergeist" by Mayumi Kojima. But well, it certainly fits the mood of the anime. As for the Ending theme "Call My Name ~Kazenari no Oka~" by Yucca, I like it a lot. This song also fits the mood of the anime but it has a completely different feel from the Opening theme.Enjoyment: (8/10) – GoodGhost Hound did not make me laugh, did not make me cry, did not scare me but it certainly did make me think a lot. I enjoyed watching the mysteries unravel one by one.Overall: (8/10) – GoodThough Ghost Hound is horror and about ghosts/spirits, it did not scare me at all. But I think scaring the viewers, is not the main purpose of the series. I like Ghost Hound more for its psychological rather than supernatural aspects. This is a must watch for all who enjoys psychological and horror anime.
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