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Oh I miss blogging DRRR!!~ Especially when I'm talking about my favorite characters, teehee~ Well, supposedly I'll be doing the post about my impressions on the episode in general first but... I can't get these two off my mind, haha!Finally! We've got an actual Shizaya Shizuo versus Izaya showdown! Well, it didn't last long... no winner as usual.... but at least it's longer then usual... and double the fun and awesome =D [ SHIZAYA RULES ]No, I don't take Shizaya seriously. I absolutely love the jokes on it though... especially CANON ones, hahahahaha! It was funny that Kasuka had put aside his lovey-dovey TV show and started focusing on the weird events in the city, haha! The first one stars his brother, of course~Oh his line on saying that the destruction that the Shizuo vs Izaya fight has been causing might be a warning of some kind to mankind... bwahahahaha! The fight's the spotlight in this episode. Since it's between two bishies, fujoshi's can't miss seeing something else on it:Oh Erika xD There you go again on your Shizaya fangurling. I couldn't stop laughing when she has been mentioning the seme/uke stuff. LOLz You're so epic, love ya~THE DUO GOT THEIR OWN TV SEGMENT. IT HAS TO MEAN SOMETHING.Bwahahahahhahahahahahahaha! xD Izaya's sisters don't mind handing over their brother to Shizuo:LOLz, I know they meant it in a different way but Erika's thoughts made me think of some things in the episode a little differently. It's her fault, bwahahaha! Alright, back to the duo being awesome. Their fight scenes had been very awesome in this. Shizuo's capable of more than just enduring pain or throwin heavy objects. Izaya's also not just for avoiding and running away, but he could also do attacks. Bias aside, their fight was still very terrific! [ SHIZAYA FIGHT ]Izaya needed to leave soon (Wait.. WHAT? Nooo!!! Masaomi left, not you too!!!). But before that he wanted to settle some things... and do what he's gonna miss the most: pissing Shizuo off (Izaya knows the mobile number of his favorite enemy~) Yeah, it's like Izaya's gonna miss his playmate so he wants to play around like old times~It's so cute that their play of tag can be in any location (on buildings, the street, etc.)... Shizuo chased him by "air" then also of course through land... looking forward to a part where there'll be a chase through water. Swiiiiim~ Bwahahaha! Their chasing didn't end that soon that they're still doing it until night time, bwahahaha!Oh they never get tired of that game, do they? Hahahaha! Their relationship didn't change since high school... but that doesn't mean thatall of their arguments will end the same way. Izaya thought that his old trick would work... but it looks like Shizuo had become immune to it, hehe.The older they get.... the more intense their fights become perhaps? Hehehehe.... I find it strange though that even if Izaya's so far away or not that far away, Shizuo couldn't catch him.I guess Izaya wins on speed.But there are times when the two are even closer than an arm's distance... yet they still fail in killing each other! I say they don't really want to kill each other no matter how many times they declare their murderous intents and attempt dangerous attacks. That close range was such a wonderful opportunity for Shizuo to do a headbutt and for Izaya to slice his guts. But neither of them didn't do such on such an event... and continued their distanced fights, haha! I knew it... deep inside they don't really want to kill each other. They're ENJOYING their little quarrels deep inside~ Bwahahahahhahahahahahaha xD [ SHIZAYA.... OPPOSITES? ]Being obvious opposites, it won't be uncommon if it's easily concluded for Izaya being more of the brains while Shizuo more of the brawns. But that's not really the case with this duo; Shizuo is sharp while Izaya could kick ass. Shizuo's simple way of thinking had been the wisest way to figure out some mysteries and complicated matters.... because no matter how unlikely for Izaya to be involved in such events, Izaya still had something to do with it. Shizuo's not stupid. Yay! Crush the strong-dude-but-not-smart stereotype~As for Izaya, he prefers being the mastermind than the one in action.... but he could fight if he needs to.. and feels like it~ What's more impressive is that he could battle against the strongest dude in the city... and not even having a hard time on that. So these two can also be very similar in some ways. Like in this part for instance;I find it cute that the gesture that they did on their phone was so similar xD I was laughing so hard when both of them stepped on Simon for their landing, haha! xD Oh Kasuka's comment about someone being able to ignore gravity xD Hahahaha! Speaking of which, both of them seem to be capable of doing awesome stunts in the air:Izaya's moves seem more stylish and smooth though, hehe. Oooooooh~ They're both so cool in this episode. I can't help myself from picking my favorite scenes: [ SHIZUO'S BEST ]My favorite! He looks really handsome and cool in this part~ Oh I wish I can do a GIF on this... you see, when he spoke that line... he was moving his shoulders and... it was very sexy xD Hahahaha! It was already impressive that he was able to catch a knife thrown at him... but it was so badass for his super sharp teeth could also break it to pieces xD Whoaaaa~ This was my favorite Shizuo move in the episode. Instead of shielding himself when a pole is gonna hit him, he just used his head literally. He attacked Izaya the same thing which Izaya used to attack him. [ IZAYA'S BEST ]Izaya's also got cool moves in this episode. He evades Shizuo's attacks so easily and his little attacks could actually injure Shizuo. What's even cooler is that he doesn't look like he gets tired, unlike Shizuo who needs to pant once in a while when carrying super heavy stuff. Izaya, doesn't running even tire you? Izaya doesn't run out of cool poses in his fights... of course he doesn't run out of sexy poses when he's not fighitng either, hehe. I loved that scene... it's his usual sexy and evil self... teehee~ This one's my favorite Izaya scene in the episode (His knives shine!! LOLz) He looks so sinister and gooooooodlooooooking~ xD [ YAY FOR SHIZAYA EPPIE ]It's difficlt not to be hyper on this episode because the duo is just that exciting xD Hahahahaha! Last but not the least, this is the part that made me laugh the most in this episode:IZAYA. THAT FACE. YOU LOOK RETARDED. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!(Yes, Izaya's my favorite character. But he's also my favorite to make fun of... fufufufufufufufu~)
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