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「その境界線の上に立ち���シン・レッド・ライン���」 (Sono Kyoukaisen no Ue ni Tachi (Shin Reddo Rain)) "Standing on Top of the Boundary Line (Thin Red Line)" It's Tamura Yukari overload this week as she brings a spirited childish energy to Tabane like only she can. I sometimes wonder what the starring cast of younger seiyuu think when they see Yukarin come into the studio and bust out that voice when she's a good 10-13 years older than them. Granted, she doesn't look it since she's a fellow "eternal 17-year-old" member, so perhaps reality's not as funny as I imagine it to be. But... but... Ni-paa! Note: In case you haven't heard, Japan was just struck by a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake, the fifth largest they've ever experienced. The country is in a crisis right now, so my thoughts go out to all its people. The damage is absolutely unreal.
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