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Chaos at Ryuuguu palace, while Luffy and Shiraboshi arrive at the Sea Forest. Regardless of One Piece's name for this, this is a Kamehameha Wave. Summary: Zoro knocks Hodi out with the slash but then has to go up for breath. With the room continuing to flood and pirates starting to take their pills, King Neptune realizes he has to get his troops and the Straw Hats out of the palace and blasts open a path with a water Kamehameha. Neptune's troops swim out through the path, but Neptune hurt his back using the attack and thus he and the three Straw Hats are still stuck inside. Neptune's whale arrive and tries to tow its master to safety, but King Neptune is held back by Hodi who recovered and popped a pill. And thus, King Neptune along with Zoro, Usopp and Brook are captured by the New Fishman Pirates. At the sea forest, Luffy and Shiraboshi talk to Jinbe who is shocked that Shiraboshi is out and also that Hachi has returned, and in the middle of chat Luffy knocks down a flying axe from Decken. While Shiraboshi prays in front of her mother's grave, Nami and Keimi arrive. Jinbe then start to talk about the history of the Arlong Pirates and states that he is the one who set Arlong free into the East Blue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Zoro vs. Hodi fight ended rather quickly once Zoro, but I was expecting this to be a teaser fight anyways. Zoro probably could have beaten Hodi for good... until he ran out of air, and now his group and King Neptune have been captured by the bad guys. The situation is becoming urgent for the Straw Hats and King Neptune's forces, but it looks like we might get some history lessons from Jinbe before Luffy and company can mount a rescue. Maybe the Straw Hats have to determine how all the hate started before they can find a solution, but I have a feeling Luffy and crew will have to start knocking people out anyways. That's not to say Jinbe's story is not important though. It should be some interesting trivia at the very least. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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