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Quiz questions in Suzuka 149 special chapter.Q1. Miho, Miki, Honoka, Saotome and Ayano san. Who has B circumference size more than 85cm?Q2. Suzuka loves which manga series best in shounen magazine?Q3. What's Yamato best friend, Yasonobu most treasured item?Q4. What's Yamato favourite food?Q5. What's Suzuka childhood ambition?Q6. Who has the largest buttocks in Suzuka manga?Highlight for answers below:A1. Suzuka 80cm, Miki 88cm, Honoka 81cm, Saotome 80cm and Ayano san 88cm.A2. Non. She doesn't read shounen magazine.A3. The upskirt photos of Yasonobu dated girls.A4. Not meat but Cola crouquetA5. Taking care of pet in the ムシゴロウ王国 (Mushigorou) kingdomA6. Ayano san 90cm. With her B size, she's the double champion.
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