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Jigoku shoujo, what a nostalgic moments. So, this is a score from the second Jigoku Shoujo called Nichijou. The tunes are pleasant and I think it is played by duo guitar (correct me, if I am wrong.). To my personal opinion, rather than Yasuharu, this score might be written by Mizutani. Well, simply because Yasuharu's signature works were mostly darker and 'heavy' to hear.  The notes are simple and easy to play. Even the chords are easy. Main melody can be replaced from guitar into harmonica, flute, or other instruments. This score is suitable for a small presentation. So if you plan to do a small concert/presentation at school, this might work well. Anyway, just try and  E N J O Y! ------------- INFO: Title: Nichijou - Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori (anime) Composer: Hiromi Mizutani/Yasuharu Takanashi PACK DESCRIPTION: Total page: 1 File type: jpg, high quality Supplement: mp3 File size: 2.3 MB --------------------- DOWNLOAD Download file: here --------------------- Ever heard this? --> Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance [First-Print Edition with AR card] (Nintendo 3DS)
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