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Yay, it's June, at last! I hope everyone enjoys their vacation now. I just finished some sheet musics, most of them are still on going, but some are ready for up here. So, your vacation will be more colorful. I hope you have extra time now to have fun with music. (^_^)b This is one from Jigoku Shoujo music. I don't know who actually really compose this music score. From the moods it's created, I would think Mizutani Hiromi was responsible for this music. If you notice, Takanashi Yasuharu has darker and mostly asked for "heavy" story, from ghost story like Jigoku Shoujo, thriller like Shiki, or mind psychology  like Naruto Shippuuden and Genji (game). However, I didn't say that it is impossible for Takanashi-san to develop this kind of sweet music. As we know, he also works for "light" anime like Fairy Tail. So, speaking about Fukushuu no Yukue, it was composed for guitar. I would personally think this is another duet for guitars, rather than play as solo. Either way, feel free to take care as solo or duet. Not even a problem if you want to play it as a group of guitars. Meanwhile, performing with other instruments is also appreciated. This is not a complicated music, so beginners, please make yourself trying this score. For higher level, why don't you challenged yourself by changing the tempo faster and change the music style into jazz or even country? It should be interesting. Happy vacation and E N J O Y! --------------------- DOWNLOAD Download file: here (3.1 MB) --------------------- Hiiro no Kakera Portable [Otomate Collection] (Sony PSP) might be something that tickled your curiosity.. And extra PERSONA franchise list: Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (Sony PSP) And for KOEI addict: Sengoku Musou 3Z Special (Sony PSP)
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