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Hi all. mini reminder that today I post 2 articles. The previous one is about the pre-order list for items that comes on September 2012. This time it is ranged from games, books, soundtrack, and toys. and WOOT! this sheet is the 50th of our original transcribe on this year ! *should make party* I am pretty surprised that I personally get attracted to Jigoku Shoujo's music. So, here, again, from the third season. A nice and sweet music, for violin and piano. Basically, it's not only violin, but a strings group and piano. So you have a feeling of orchestra or chamber music. But again, please try with your own instruments. Don't limit it with what you hear. This is not a complicated melody. So, I would love to hear Beginners to try. For Beginners piano part, you may need help to decode the left hand. So, ask your mentor to help. Anyway, even the left hand doesn't hard to play. Other than this, E N J O Y to play!! ------------------------- PACK DESCRIPTION: Total page: 1 File type: jpg Supplement: mp3 ------------------- DOWNLOAD  Download page: here  (5.4 Mb) ------------------- Due to our difficulties to relocate the sheet music, reading the additional articles below would also help to survive. So buy from our links if you like the items ^_^ Thank you very much for your support! Pre Order List Gardenscapes (Nintendo DS) Kuroko No Basuke: Kiseki no Shiai (Sony PSP) No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition [PlayStation 3 the Best Version) (PS3) New Releases LEGO Batman / Pure (Xbox360) Next Revolution: FP Ginou Kentei Shiken 2-kyuu (PS®Vita) Deca Sporta: 3D Sports Gold Selection (Nintendo 3DS) Other Goods Dragon Quest Monster Museum 014 Great Dragon Saint Seiya Figure: Athena (PRE ORDER) Road To Ninja - Naruto The Movie Original Soundtrack (SPECIAL OFFER: FREE SHIPPING!!)
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