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A continuation of Kimi to Boku. I wonder if it's my imagination but I thought that the pacing for the second season is slower than that of the first. But nonetheless, I still enjoy most of the episodes in Kimi to Boku 2, in particular the first few and last few episodes. Story: (8/10) – Good This season focuses a bit more on romance than the first. I don't really mind the romance parts, even though I'm not a fan of romance. However, some episodes, like the one featuring Shun's brother and his girlfriend, are really weird and awkward to watch. (maybe it's just me who thinks this way) Character: (9/10) – Very Good The character who gets the most development this season is definitely Chizuru. There's quite a few episodes on him and Masaki. Though I don't quite like Masaki, it's nice to see the other side of Chizuru. He's cute (sometimes annoying) when he's loud and active but he's even cuter when he's thinking about Merri. Shun is still very much a cherry boy (lol). His reaction to his brother's kiss is amusing. He's too pure and I doubt there's any 17 year old boy out there who's purer than him. He's perhaps purer than most girls. Yukki had his first part time job experience. As expected, he screwed it up and his brother had to cover for him. In that sense, he hasn't mature much. However, even though it's subtle, he's becoming more sensitive to other people. The best example is that he's actually the first one to realize Chizuru's love for Masaki. I don't think that Yuta has realized that yet. Yuta is the most mature and sensitive among the five. The episode on the twin's quarrel was quite interesting and showed another side of Yuta. He may appear mature but even he does quarrel with his brother over the silliest thing. It must be tiring being Kaname. He has to deal with Yukki and Chizuru's daily teasing, his mother's son-complex and unrequited loves. Art/Animation: (9/10) – Very Good I just caught up with the manga and I seriously think that the anime staff has done well in making the art look prettier. Music: (8/10) – Good I love the Opening theme but find the Ending theme bland. I still prefer first season's themes. Enjoyment: (8/10) – Good I probably will enjoy it much more if the pacing is slightly faster. Overall: (8/10) – Good Though this is not a series that will make one go 'wow', Kimi to Boku has it's own unique appeal. The characters are endearing and the story never fails to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
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