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Frankly, Binbougami ga! is one series I wouldn't have watched if I haven't known that it's made by the same people who made Gintama! Though this is not the kind of series I usually watch and I hate the fan service (for male viewers), I don't regret watching as it's actually quite fun watching the characters doing silly things. Story: (6/10) – Fair At the expense of the people and things around her, Sakura has absorbed so much "happiness energy" that she has caused an energy imbalance in the world. In order to return balance to the world, Binbougami (Poverty God) Momiji sets out to take away Sakura's ability to absorb this energy. Will Momiji be able to put a stop to Sakura's absorbing abilities, or will Binbougami succumb to her happiness? I seriously do not like the story concept. But well, since this is a comedy series, I shouldn't take the story too seriously even though I really don't like the premise of the story! As a comedy series, it's pretty funny and the characters are quite unpredictable. Character: (7/10) – Fairly Good The male characters in Binbougami ga! are either perverts or masochists. The only decent one is Tsuwabuki. As for the female characters, most of them are really bitchy and the only exception is Ranmaru, who is really cool. Art/Animation: (8/10) – Good It seems like the mangaka makes more effort in designing the female characters than the male characters. (v.v) Female character designs are pretty nice but male character designs are just average. On the other hand, animation is really good. Music: (8/10) – Good Very catchy Opening and Ending themes. Enjoyment: (8/10) – Good I enjoyed the second half of the series better than the first half. My favorite parody is the Prince of Tennis parody in episode 9. Binbougami ga!'s tennis is as unreal as the one in Prince of Tennis! ^^ Overall: (8/10) – GoodI wouldn't say all the jokes are funny but there are enough funny ones to keep me entertained. The weird antics of the characters and the parodies make Binbougami ga! fun to watch.
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