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If you think you’ve seen the last of me and my KnS crusade (novel and manga-wise), well, think again :P The Kaze no Stigma anime has ended (or at least, the first season?), but that won’t be the last of my blogging of KnS :3 And as usual, here comes yet another deep frying I have as a follow-up for this recently ended anime series. As I’ve also mentioned in my summary, the anime ended similar to the novel, where lots of questions are still left to be answered (since the author is said to have an ailment and still can’t continue with the main arc). Given that, don’t expect me to narrate a conclusion shown in the novel, because there’s none as of now. I’ll just be doing some backtracking and once again fill in some missing tidbits omitted in the anime, particularly in the last two episodes. Major changes abound here like some lost Kazuma x Ayano antics, missing scenes in the confrontation with Lapis, and some more amusing remarks by our beloved characters in the end (one of which is Soushu’s cheer which I already mentioned in my thoughts on the last summary).
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