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Synopsis: A new subway station has been opened. On a train's first ride from that station, several passengers find themselves in the first car and the train moves on it's own, seemingly disconnected from the other cars. The final Mononoke arc is set at a time period considerably later than the previous one, perhaps in late Meiji period (1868-1912) when railways have been developed in Japan. The first subway, however, didn't open until 1927, fifty nine years since the start of the Meiji period. If the arc is historically correct then the Medicine Seller must be old by then, that is, if he was born in the Edo period. The Bakeneko arc of Ayakashi is said to be set in the Edo period. The Medicine Seller, however, shows no signs of age at this point. [ This is only an excerpt for the post! Go the the website for the full content + pictures + links. ]
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