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To me (and I don't think I'm alone) the greatest pleasure in watching Code Geass is witnessing the glorious moments when Lulu's devious plans work flawlessly and this episode provided a lot of this.The last time we saw Lelouch he had Rolo's aiming at him and few seconds left to live. Well, few seconds did pass and Lulu has turned the tables. Not only he immediately figured out how Rolo's Geass works (and it's a final confirmation on the mechanics of it, for those who were still not entirely convinced), but he managed to buy some time promising to deliver CC to Rolo. Really, villains could learn to kill Lulu when they have a chance, otherwise he will always pull through, although few of Zero's enemies survive and dead men have no lessons to teach ^_^Then Zero went on to save the Black Knights from execution. Not only he used silly pride of British knight against him, be he reused the tactics from Black Rebellion by collapsing the whole architecture. I've always liked when people reused their strategies, adapting them for different situations, it adds touch of realism to the story.Watching the British knights die was actually pretty funny. BARTOOOOOOOOO!! :DPlus Zero's "I will become evil to destroy even greater evil" line is basically a concentrated essence of Lulu's character. Cold pragmatism FTW! Especially since it's true to Machiavelli's guidelines. Not that just "the end justifies the means", that's oversimplification of this philosophy. It's more than that. It doesn't justify anything, according to Machiavelli evil is still evil, no matter what the reasons are behind it, but at the same time there are moments when one has to forget about morality and do what is necessary, it doesn't make it any less evil, it just has to be done.Anyway, not only did Zero save his comrades, but he used it to convert Rolo to his side. It was beautifully played. Zero "sacrificing" himself to save his "beloved" brotherIt was so ridiculously cheesy and yet he played it perfectly, making Rolo believe he finally has found a real family. I was laughing all the way through it. The Lulu effect!BEFORE:AFTER:satisfaction guaranteed!Aside from Zero's kicking ass and taking names there were also some interesting other developments. First we've learned a bit about Cornelia's whereabouts (she seems to be missing, whether it's the resistance that has her captured or something different is yet to be seen), Chineese don't seem to be just pawns for Zero, they're actually playing their own game here and...Villetta was obviously relieved when Ogi has avoided execution. Now that will be an interesting subplot to follow. Altough she could have thought about it before he shot the poor guy in his gut.So far the second season of Geass is keeping up a very high level, not only in plot, but also in animation. Keep it up Sunrise! The only complain I have is: why no Kallen fanservice this week? ^_^rating: 8.8/10CC can be so moe sometimes ^_^I'm sorry man, I know you're a knight and she's your lady, but that's just pathetic.Zero can make even cherry petals manly!Eureka Seven? :)Here comes Suckzaku to spoil all te fun :(
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