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This week's episode was much more lighthearted than the last few. Although this is Geass, even such episodes are bound to have many revelations.First we have the reunion of Zero with Black KnightsWhen they demanded explanations from Zero why he had abandoned then he just gave them the variation of "because it was necessary". Ultimately Ogi's and Tōdō's support managed to convince the Order, but still... that was pretty risky. Why didn't Zero just lie?First he refused to throw away Urabe's life in episode 2 and now this, are they hinting that he actually started to bond with his comrades? Of course this is Zero, he will discard them all if it's necessary, but still, the hints are there.Then two of Suckzaku's friends from the Knight of Seven arrived in Area 11. One is a typical murderous lolita and the other one...Well, he's gay, it can't be anything else. Suddenly the nickname "Suckzaku" gains a whole new meaning ^_^At school Lulu pretends to be Suzaku's friend while still playing a role of a good brother to Rolo (and he handles it so well, making sure Rolo understands Lulu is his brother, not his commander). There still seems to be little doubt in Rolos's mind, but generally he's already on the good side (Hey! Just because Lulu is a villain doesn't mean his side isn't the one good guys belong to :) )Then the school festival starts and we see fanservice...lots of fanservice :)I wonder about one thing, we were shown the sight of the wall covered with markings. The one that Lulu used to test how long Geass' command will last, does it mean that well over a year has passed and the poor girl is still doing one mark every day?Anyway, the show allowed us to take a deeper breath with those slice of life moments. Although I have a feeling they went a bit overboard with them, because the last part of the episode comes out of nowhere, as if the writers have ran out of time in this episode. That's not a big problem though and considering what happened in those last moments I can't complain much.Lulu already have used Geass on members of British intelligence that are supposed to watch him. Since Villeta can't be handled the same way......he just blackmailed her; threatening to expose her relationship with Ogi. I have a feeling this will come back to bite him in the ass later on. Still, it was a great scene, with ruthless Zero giving her a birthday present while destroying her life.And the last scene... wow. First, the rumors and spoilers were true: Suzaku indeed wants to become the Knight of One, because then he will be able to take over one of the Areas. This sounds nice, but as always Suckzaku is just blindly following his ideals without deeper thought. He says that Japanese people don't need Zero anymore, but all he's offering is the same slavery, only with a bit gentler master.And then he uses Nunnaly to test if Lulu's memories have returned.We don't see Lulu shocked often. But this raises so many questions, Nunnaly seems to remember Lulu is her brother, this would make keeping the farce problematic for English people. Unless of course in the next episode it will turn out Nunnaly's memories have been altered and she thinks Suzaku is her brother (hence the mistake with a phone), that's more likely solution. Although I've assumed the Emperor's Geass works only with direct eye contact and she's blind, so... mm.. questions, questions and more questions.However the British are digging their own grave here, the last thing they should do is to let Lulu know where his sister is. I predict by the episode 12 he will already retrieve her and then he will be free to do whatever hell he deems necessary.This episode wasn't as good as previous ones, but the ending scenes managed to elevate it a lot, plus it's Geass, even on it's weaker days it still blows most other shows away.rating: 8.0/10It's been a long time since they've made fun of how weak physicaly Lulu is ^_^
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