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Likewise, I am slowpoke.jpg on this one as well, but the Code Geass R2 OST1 is just pure love, maybe even rivaling the excellent piece of work that is the Macross Frontier OST. Especially track number 14 "If I were a Bird", which is the song that was played when Rolo was escaping together with Lelouch. I may hate the bastard for what he did to Shirley, but that song just stirs up the emotion within me. No matter what happened, no matter what horrible things Rolo might have done, you can't deny that he had a good death.Even the cover album is great. To top things off, we also have 2 tracks by Hitomi, namely "Sensibility" and "Lullaby of M". Both tracks are great, proving the powers of the vocals done by Hitomi. This album is a must get for all Code Geass fans. And even if you aren't, well, you can get it too for the awesome tracks that it offers. I'll probably be looping this one all day.
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