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Excalibur appears for the 3rd time in Soul Eater and I pray hard that he will not appear again!! He is darn irritating!! I feel exactly how Black Star feels..This episode is funny but Excalibur is too IRRITATING!! =XEpisode 32Like Black Star, Death the Kid and Ox, Hiro finds the Excalibur book in the library and the power of the Legendary Excalibur fascinates him. (the library should seriously burn the book.. ^^)Hiro has always been the subject of bully in Shibusen. He gets bullied by many friends including Black Star. This makes Hiro wants to be stronger.The next day, Hiro is seen bullying the other students. He also appears stronger.The reason behind his strength is Excalibur!!and this is how Black Star feels.Death the Kid and Kilik Lunge step in and they want to challenge Hiro and his new weapon, Excalibur. (remember? Death the Kid can't stand Excalibur too!!)So, it's 1 (Hiro) vs 3 (Death the Kid, Black Star and Kilik Lunge, the 3 strongest students in Shibusen).Hiro, with the help of All-Powerful Excalibur easily...defeats the 3 strongest students in Shibusen!!The fairies are obviously happy to see Excalibur not around. Flowers start to bloom :DIn order for Hiro to wield Excalibur, he needs to fulfill Excalibur's 1000 tasks! Surprisingly, Hiro breezes through and seems to get along real well with Excalibur!Some of the tasks includes: (too many so I just show a few =/)Pictures say a thousand words. From the pictures above, you can tell how ANNOYING Excalibur is!! =XHiro finally completes Excalibur's 1000 tasks and he receives a rousing applause from Shibusen's students. (It's indeed a big achievement that no normal human can achieve.. haha)However, Excalibur starts sneezing non-stop and..Hiro puts it back in the cave because he can't stand Spit flying around. (LOL.. he can stand Excalibur's demanding requests but not his sneezing)The fairies have to suffer once again! ^^
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