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I found a new fansub group for Soul Eater. It's called Demonsubs. They sub relatively faster than Aero sub and Tadashi sub. The sub versions of Soul Eater and Bleach are released around same time and I decide to watch Soul Eater first! ^^This episode deals with friendship. In the 'Team Soul Resonance' class, Death the Kid, Black Star and Maka are a team. After several failed attempts in trying to resonate their souls, Maka and Black Star clash. It's interesting to see how they fight, patch up, successfully resonate their souls as a team and then fight again. :PNext week, the battle between Shibusen and Arachnophobia unit begins. Can't wait!! ^^Episode 33Professor Stein is in the toilet and he loses his sanity again. The frequency of him seeing his 'other insane self' is increasing.However, he manages to regain his sanity in time.Black Star is practicing hard trying to resonate with Tsubaki's Demon Blade's soul. However, he fails.'Team Soul Resonance' class starts. Professor Stein announces that whichever team that fails to resonate their souls will be dropped from his class. This makes Maka anxious to succeed.Death the Kid, Black Star and Maka, along with their weapons, try to resonate their souls.However, they fail because Black Star's soul is trying to take the lead. This makes Maka very unhappy.Professor Stein gives the team a break and while he is alone, he loses to his insanity again.Thank goodness, Maka appears in time and Professor Stein regains his sanity.Maka asks Professor Stein to drop Black Star out of the team as she feels that he is causing the team's failure. Professor Stein responds by saying that Maka is the cause of the team's failure. He also feels that she has misunderstood the true meaning of 'Team Soul Resonance'.Maka returns to the training site. She clashes with Black Star and gives him a punch on his face.She then cries and runs away.Tsubaki chases after Maka and tries to console her. Tsubaki also helps Maka to understand the true meaning of 'Team Soul Resonance'.Maka returns but she is still feeling embarrassed about what she has done. The other team members are very forgiving and urges her to resume training.The team tries to resonate their souls again.While doing so, the demon in Soul appears. He asks Soul to play the piano to align the souls. However, Soul rejects him.Maka finally understands that 'Team Soul Resonance' is not about understand the souls of others. It's about accepting them and believing in them. With this understanding, the team finally succeeds in resonating their souls.And Maka is named the leader.After class, Maka apologizes for what happen. To make up for punching Black Star earlier, She offers to let Black Star punch her. Black Star accepts the offer without hesistation! (LOL)This is the result of the punch! (poor Maka!!)These are the reactions of Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz, Pattie and Soul.At the end of the episode, Arachnophobia unit declares war on Shibusen.
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