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Yuuki's hair suddenly grows so long!! I'm still not used to seeing her with long hair. Why does being a Vampire make her hair grow so fast?Short vs LongThis episode mainly focuses on Yuuki's and Kaname's past. Just as Aidou had suspected, Kaname's parents did not commit suicide, they died because they wanted to save Yuuki.I am still confuse whether Yuuki and Kaname are real siblings. In the last episode, Kaname said, 'If I'm born as her real brother, I'll be happier'. But in this episode, he tells Aidou that in a Pureblood family, intermarriage between siblings is common. Ahh... Vampire Knight Guilty is getting confusing but well, that's what makes it interesting to watch :DMy gut tells me they are only brought up like siblings but they are not real siblings.I love the part where Shiki tries to regain control of his body when Rido is using his body to fight Rima. It really shows how much Shiki cares for Rima ♥It's sad to see Zero pointing a gun at Yuuki at the end of the episode. He must be struggling and hurting deep inside. He hates vampires, especially Purebloods but yet he cares a lot for Yuuki. Anyway, it's obvious that he won't shoot.The pace of this episode is slower than last week's. Other than that, it's a good episode. ^^Episode 8Kaname reveals that Yuuki is the Pureblood Princess of the Kuran family.Then Kaname asks Zero, 'But you are on the Hunters' side. What do you intend to do?'When Yuuki was young, her parents never let her go out of the house as they fear that something bad will happen.Kaname and Yuuki were very close when they were young. Kaname promised to be always by Yuuki's side.An uninvited visitor dropped by. He's none other than Rido Kuran. He wanted to take away Yuuki.Yuuki's mother sacrificed her own life to protect Yuuki. She used her blood and life to put Yuuki's Vampire instincts to deep sleep. Meanwhile, Yuuki's father was outside fighting Rido. Sad to say, he died under the hands of Rido.The focus switches to Rido. He is at Day Dorm enjoying his 'meal'. Ichijou tries to prevent him from killing the girl.Rido finally stops sucking blood as he senses the awakening of Pureblood Yuuki.Kaname carries Yuuki back. Aidou can sense that Yuuki is a Pureblood. Kaname reveals to Aidou and Akatsuki that Yuuki is his sister and also his fiancee.Yuuki wakes up from her sleep.The first thing she yearns for is.. Kaname's Blood!Yuuki recalls her past and is very traumatized by it. Kaname tries to calm her down.When she's more calmed down, she tells Kaname that it's weird for her to have always been in love with her own brother.Kaname replies by licking blood off the corner of her lips. (..speechless..)Even though Yuuki knows that she's engaged to Kaname, she still feels weird as she has lived 10 years in the human world (in the human world, this is called Incest!). Kaname replies by saying that Vampires are not humans and he asks Yuuki if she is going to leave him alone again.Rima tries to save Shiki from Rido's control.However, she is no match for Rido.She then scolds Shiki for being an idiot and allowing another person to control him.A few moments later, Shiki regains control of his body. (see the light blue eyes)Meanwhile, Ichiru is still standing by the coffin.Kaname leaves the room and Yuuki is pondering over whether she should go and see Zero. She finally decides to.While trying to escape, she is stopped Aidou and Akatsuki.However, Yuuki is persistent.And that makes Aidou worried as Kaname will surely blame them for it.Yuuki then suggests Aidou and Akatsuki to follow her so that Kaname won't blame them. Those words give them much relief. (Their reactions are quite funny ^^)Kaname bumps into Ruka. Ruka apologizes for her obsessive feelings for him. Kaname tells her that he still trusts her. Upon hearing that, Ruka feels happy and resolves to remain dedicated to Kaname.Headmaster Cross seems to be preparing for battle.Yuuki is outside Zero's room.With the door close, they can sense each other's presence. Yuuki senses Zero pointing a gun at her.
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