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The battle between Shibusen and Arachnophobia finally begins!!Battle Location: Lost IslandAim: To retrieve 'Brew' - a demon weapnWho are involved: Shibusen vs ArachnophobiaWho wins: Unknown (battle continues next week)The part I like best in this episode is Sid vs Mifune. Their fight is very intense and exciting. Mifune is an extremely fast and powerful samurai but too bad he is on Arachnophobia side. If only he has accepted Tsubaki's suggestion and become a sensei. (^_-)-☆I also like the part where Ox declares his love ♥ for Kim in the middle of his fight. I'm surprised to see him remain cool and continue fighting despite being rejected. I guess he must be used to it. ^-^bNext week in Soul Eater, we'll see more action and more humor! Let's hope the subs come out faster next week! \(^.^)/Episode 34In the past, witches had a construction facility for demon weapons in Lost Island. But an accident annihilated the facility.The accident created a magnetic field rich in demonic powers. In the middle of the magnetic field lies 'Brew'. Anyone that stays in the magnetic field for too long will be destroyed. The longest anyone can stay inside is 20 minutes.Maka, Kid, Black Star, Ox, Kilik and Kim, along with Marie and Stein, set sail towards Lost Island.When Marie asks if everyone is aware of the plan, Black Star gives a blank look. (Haha.. Can't blame him.. he always fight without a plan)This is the plan!! Sid will fight with Arachnophobia squad and distract them so as to allow Stein and Marie to enter the magnetic field to retrieve 'Brew'. Maka and friends will guard outside the magnetic field.Mosquito leads one Arachnophobia squad.Giriko leads another Arachnophobia squad.Giriko is feeling cold and depressed in the cold weather.Suddenly, an avalanche appears!The avalanche is caused by the loud noise from Justin's specially tuned snowmobile. (^O^)/The avalanche sweeps away the Arachnophobia squad members.Giriko uses his chainsaw to prevent himself from being swept away. (Justin and Giriko meets for the second time. Will they fight again? I certainly look forward to it!)Marie and Stein enters the magnetic field.Who is Sid aiming at?Mifune! However, Mifune easily deflects the shot away with his sword.The fight between Sid and Mifune begins!Maka and friends are guarding outside the magnetic field. They use Kim's weapon (fire-based) to get some warmth.Black Star sees Kilik eating a candy bar and asks him for one. Kilik lies to Black Star that he has none left and that p*sses Black Star off.Maka cannot sense Marie's and Stein's souls signals but she can sense that something is happening inside. Kid proposes to enter the magnetic field as he is a shinigami so there's a chance that the magnetic field might not affect him. Black Star and Kilik are eager to enter too.Meanwhile, Arachnophobia squad members are ambushing near the magnetic field. One of them throws a ninja dart at Maka.Fortunately for Maka, Ox defects the dart and saves her.Ox launches a lightning attack on the Arachnophobia squad members.In the middle of the fight, Ox declares his love ♥ for Kim. (⌒ε⌒*)But Ox is rejected! He coolly continues his fight.Kim also helps out in the fight.Kilik decides not to enter the magnetic field. He gives one candy bar to Black Star. (LOL! Priceless)Black Star joins his teammates to enter the magnetic field while Kilik joins his teammates to fight!Maka, Kid and Black Star walk into the magnetic field.And they enter the past of Lost Island.The first thing they see is Shinigami-sami. According to Kid, this was how his father looked like before he started Shibusen school. (I prefer his current look)Eruka, who is on Medusa's side, is standing by outside the magnetic field. She urges both sides (Shibusen and Arachnophobia) to continue fighting USELESSLY. (It seems like we'll see Medusa in action soon.)Meanwhile, Mifune is still chasing after Sid.Mifune launches his multiple swords attack.Mifune manages to injure Sid but Sid still manages to escape.Inside the magnetic field, Maka, Kid and Black Star see visions of the past. Maka recognizes Arachne.Arachne used to possess the book on Eibon. (remember? Kid wanted to find that book in the library in Episode 30 but it was lent out to.. Medusa)Here, Arachne revealed her plan to lure Shinigami to the pyramid and then blew up everything related to 'Brew'.The focus switches to the current Arachne. She's confident that she will be the one to obtain 'Brew'.
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