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Freaking awesome! I love the action! Soul looks very cool when he plays the piano. Mosquito is totally pawned by Maka, Kid and Black Star. But too bad, stupid Mosquito sheds off his big body and manages to escape with the fake 'Brew'.Fake 'Brew'?! Yup! That 'Brew' is fake. The real one is with Medusa! What a twist! I'm hating Medusa more. I hate the way she manipulates Crona and her stupid snake is accelerating the madness in Stein.Next episode is titled 'Kid Exposes Shibusen's Secret'. I love Kid. Can't wait!! \(^∇^)/Episode 36Justin vs Giriko.Justin is too strong for Giriko. Justin is winning but Giriko manages to escape.Eruka is waiting outside the magnetic field for the 5 rats aka Mizune Sisters. She asks them how things go and they give her the thumbs up signal.The demon in Soul keeps urging him to play the piano.Soul finally plays!The music successfully resonates everyone's souls.Soul uses a musical note to increase the resonance rate between Black Star and Tsubaki. Black Star and Tsubaki resonate their souls and go into Fey Blade Mode.Black Star easily slashes Mosquito.However, Black Star's body seems to be unable to withstand being in the Fey Blade Mode for too long.Now, it's Kid's turn. Soul uses a musical note to increase the resonance rate between Kid, Pattie and Liz. They resonate their souls and use Death Canon attack!That adds more injuries to Mosquito.Finally, it's Soul's and Maka's turn to resonate. It's Demon Hunter attack!Maka easily cuts Mosquito into half.However, Mosquito manages to shed his big body and escape.Soul is very tired at the end of the piano playing. Kid and Black Star want to chase after Mosquito but Soul ask them not to as they do not have enough time and power to do so.Maka, Kid and Black Star bump into Kilik and Ox. Black Star is feeling weak and Kilik helps to support him. They manage to witness the annihilation that happened 800 years ago.Kilik and Ox think that it's a real explosion and Kilik uses Black Star as a shield. (ROFL.. poor Black Star!)They leave the magnetic field and see Professor Stein and Marie Sinseh waiting for them outside. Kid reports their failure to retrieve 'Brew'. Marie wants to hit them for failing to obey orders but at the same time she feels very touched by their actions and gives all of them a big hug instead.Poor Black Star again! He's the only one being caught on the neck. (LOL!)Sid Sensei passes a mirror to Maka and asks her to report to Shinigami sama.When Maka calls back to Shibusen, the first person she sees is Papa. He's very concerned about her safety but she acts coldly towards him.As a result, Papa feels very down. (haha.. Poor Papa!)Mosquito returns to Arachne. He reports to her that the 'Brew' is spoiled. Arachne appears calm and since no one else knows that 'Brew' is spoiled, she decides to use the fact that she possesses 'Brew' to her advantage.However, the truth is the real 'Brew' is with Medusa. The Mizune Sisters enter the magnetic field to steal the real 'Brew' and replace it with a a fake and spoiled one.Medusa reveals to Eruka that the real purpose behind the snake is to accelerate the madness in Stein. Medusa is confident that Shinigami sama will send Stein into the magnetic field and in the magnetic field, Stein will definitely try to resonate with his partner, Marie. While doing so, the snake in Marie will drive Stein into insanity.Eruka is very shocked to hear that. She is shocked that Medusa has actually been planning for the 'Brew' battle since a long time ago and is able to control the entire battle using a small snake.
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