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Ichiru visits Zero and they share many flashbacks together before finally getting the long-awaited but sad brotherly reunion. It's painful to watch. I can't stop crying. (;_;) I'm really touched by the brotherly bond that Ichiru and Zero share. This is the saddest episode ever!I can't believe Ichiru is dead! He's fatally injured by Rido. It turns out that Ichiru's real enemy is Rido, who put the name of Shizuka’s human-turned-vampire lover on the vampire death list. Shizuka's lover was then killed by Zero’s parents, who were then killed by Shizuka, who was then killed by Kaname, whose blood Zero drank, and finally, Zero drinks Ichiru’s blood to fulfill Ichiru's last wishes! This concludes the circle of mind-boggling complex plot twists!As a twin vampire hunter of an excellent lineage who has become a vampire and carrying the blood of three Purebloods (Yuki, Kaname and Shizuka - through Ichiru), Zero is now one of the most powerful characters in Vampire Knight.Next episode, Zero will face Rido. Go Zero! Kill Rido and avenge for Ichiru!Episode 11Ichiru visits Zero and picks up Zero's Bloody Rose (anti-vampire gun) from the floor. He aims it directly at Zero, saying 'It's time now'.Meanwhile, Shiki wakes up and immediately thinks of Rima. (how sweet!) He enters her room to find her sleeping soundly. He recalls hearing her voice while his body was occupied by Rido. He thanks her. Just at the right moment, she awakens to accept his thanks. Shiki offers her some pocky and she gladly accepts it. She asks about Ichijou, and Shiki replies that he has something important to do.The next scene shows Ichijou entering a building alone with a sword in his hand. (I wonder where he is heading to.)Akatsuki, Ruka and Seiren continue to fight the vampire followers of Rido. Aidou joins them in their fight. Ruka notices immediately that he’s not protecting Yuki like he should be. Akatsuki then comments that Aidou has just made Kaname very angry. Aidou immediately shows his fear.Rido is having the time of his life, drinking blood from many beautiful women and vampires, and turning them into ashes.=.=Near the entrance of the Academy, more and more enemies arrive. Cross is determined to protect the students. He sees a familiar but unwelcomed guest waiting outside. (the gay looking Association President!)The Association President orders Cross to hand over Zero, but he refuses. They begin fighting. The Association President manages to evade Cross's attack. He then tells Cross to go to hell from a branch of a tree and vanishes. (what a coward!)Ichiru points Bloody Rose at Zero and..shoots at Zero!Everyone can smell the sudden scent of Zero’s blood.Yuki immediately rushes to save Zero but Kaname appears to stop her. Kaname tells her everything - about how he manipulates Zero, about Rido and the truth behind Shizuka's death.Zero has flashbacks of his childhood with Ichiru. He feels guilty for being strong while Ichiru has to suffer with a weak body. Zero thinks it's all his fault. He believes that he has taken something important away from Ichiru while they were in their mother's womb (just like a vampire).As Ichiru confesses his feelings of hatred and abandonment from the past, Zero notices that he's injured. Zero asks why he has such a big wound, and Ichiru replies that it's for Shizuka. To avenge her death, he stabbed Rido at his back, moments after Rido's rivival. However, Rido easily defeated him and gave him a fatal blow at his chest.Losing his strength, Ichiru slowly falls onto Zero’s shoulder. He asks Zero to drink the last remnants of his life, so that they can finally become one, as they were originally supposed to be. He knows that it will help Zero to gain enough power to kill Rido. However, Zero refuses to as he doesn’t want to lose his brother. Ichiru is very happy to know that he's not dead in Zero's heart and when they hug, he feels comfortable to be in his arms.Zero tells Ichiru that Maria wants to meet him and their parents cared for him and loved him very much. Ichiru says he understands and he knows that Zero loves him too. He hopes that Zero will not hold a grudge against Shizuka, even if he can’t forgive her.Zero thinks that this is all wrong, but Ichiru encourages him to accomplish his goal. Memories of Yuki start to flood Zero’s mind.Moments later, Ichiru drops Shizuka’s precious bell and there's silence. Zero screams in sadness and reluctantly bites Ichiru’s neck while tears stream down his cheeks. (v_v)Ichiru feels Zero's bite and smiles.After drinking Ichiru's blood, Zero slowly stands up and walks out of the room, past Ichiru's body. He rips off the door and climbs up the stairs. His shadow suggests a monstrous power is boiling inside him.Meanwhile, Kaname walks out/in (not sure) of the Moon dorm. In his mind, he's urging Zero to fulfill his role as Vampire Knight.
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