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The battle between Shibusen, Arachnophobia and Medusa in Lost Island has ended. 'Brew' is now with Medusa but the real battle is far from over. Everyone is finally back at Shibusen, However, everyone seems down (except for Ox, who is boasting about the battle).Professor Stein is still struggling to stay sane and takes a day off from school. Kid visits him to ask him about the truth behind Eibon. However, Kid gets no direct answer. When Kid asks if Shibusen is sliding backwards, Stein reminds him not to underestimate Shibusen. The focus then shifts to Shinigami who is looking forward to the arrival of a new character. His name is Buttataki Joe and he's going to be the Head of the Technology Department. Buttataki seems really strong (very buff and muscular). I am looking forward to see what he can do.This episode is a little slow for me. The past few weeks had been very intense and exciting. I'm not quite used to the sudden change in pace. Well, knowing Soul Eater, I'm sure the pace will pick up next week! Can't wait! \(^∇^)/Episode 37Arachnophobia is plotting yet again. This time round, they want to create a Morality Machine which can act as an Amplifier of Madness. (Doesn't this sound like Medusa's snake?)All the teachers and students involved in the battle are back in Shibusen. Ox is boasting about the battle in class.Everyone, except Liz and Pattie, is looking down because of the defeat, which is no big deal to Pattie. Pattie asks Liz why everyone is feeling so down. Pattie explains to her that they are down because they have failed to retrieve 'Brew'. After listening to the explanation, Pattie also tries to look depressed. (haha.. so cute)Kid is not in class. He is still bothered about Eibon and is looking for clues around the school. He has asked Shinigami many times about it but Shinigami always evade his son's questions.Shinigami is having tea with Sid. Sid informs Shinigami about Kid's intention to investigate about demon tools. Shinigami appears unfazed. Sid then expresses his wishes to know about everything, particularly, about the purpose of collecting demon tools. However, acting like a stubborn child, Shinigami refuses to tell him.Maka suddenly calls in. She asks Shinigami about anti-demonic wavelength and Demon Hunter. Shinigami is surprised to know that Maka can use Demon Hunter. He praises her and he also reveals to her that anti-demonic wavelength was a special ability her mother had. With Demon Hunter, he comments that Maka might be able to defeat Kishin. Hearing what Shinigami says, Maka feels very happy.Everyone except Kid is having lunch in the canteen.When Crona hears about Professor Stein acting weirdly during the battle, he immediately guesses that it must have something to do with the Medusa's Snake which he put inside Marie sensei's coffee. He feels very guilty.Meanwhile, Kid is at Professor Stein's place. He wants to know more about Eibon from Professor Stein.After hearing the Shinigami's praises, Maka can't wait to train. She drags Soul out into the woods and forces him to train with her. However, no matter how hard they try, they can only achieve Witch Hunter but not Demon Hunter. At the end of the day, Soul encourages her by saying that since they had done it once, they will be able to do it again. With that, they finish their training.Medusa is talking to another spy she has planted in Arachnophobia through the crystal ball. The spy keeps Medusa updated about the latest happenings in Arachnophobia.Crona asks Eruka about Medusa's snake. Eruka praises Crona for helping to prevent Shibusen from getting 'Brew' and reminds him to continue spying for Medusa. At that moment, Crona feelsdespondent.Professor Stein asks Kid what he will do if he knows the truth. Kid replies he will do everything to stop what is wrong. Stein then asks him who decides what is right and wrong. Kid feels that whoever who knows the reality will know what is right and wrong. Stein begs to differ. He feels that the reality we see may not be the real reality. The real reality may have been altered.Kid asks Stein to stop asking those questions as Kid is no psychologist.Suddenly, Marie sensei returns home and is shocked to see Kid. Kid asks Stein if Shibusen is sliding backwards. Stein reminds him not to underestimate Shibusen.The focus shifts to Shinigami who is looking forward to the arrival of a new character. His name is Buttataki Joe and he's going to be the Head of the Technology Department.
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