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One Piece 527 - Buggy attacks one of the Blue Glory guards but his attacks have no effect. The guard tries to grab Buggy but Luffy comes over and knocks the guard out. Buggy looks around and is surprised that Luffy had already defeated the rest of the Blue Glory guards. After the battle, Luffy tells Buggy that he wants to rescue Ace. Buggy initially plans to escape on his own, but he changes his mind when he sees the armband that Luffy is wearing. As more prison guards arrive on the scene, Buggy states that he'll be a guide if Luffy gives him the armband. Luffy agrees and the two pirates head deeper into the prison.While running into the prison, Buggy explains to Luffy that Impel Down is separated into multiple levels, and the deeper they go the more dangerous it becomes. Right now Buggy is leading Luffy towards the entrance to Level 2, and the clown reveals that he had been to as far down as Level 4. Level 5, the level where Ace is located, is used to hold people with bounties of over 100 million, and rumours are that there are even deeper levels that hold beings that were so nasty and powerful that the World Government felt necessary to erase them history. While talking, Buggy blabs out that Luffy's armband actually holds the key to finding a treasure from someone named Captain John. To Buggy's surprise, Luffy doesn't even care about the treasure and even willingly hands over the armband in advance. Buggy cannot believe his good fortune and thinks about leaving Luffy behind, but he doesn't pay attention to what's in front of him and runs into a wall. Luffy gets the wrong idea and thinks that Buggy is trying to take a shortcut by going through the walls. Before Buggy can say otherwise, Luffy rams through the wall, through a guard office, and into a forest. The forest is filled with plants with razor-sharp leaves to torture prisoners, but they are harmless against Buggy. Buggy suddenly remembers that there is a hole in the forest that leads to Level 2 and lead Luffy there. After Luffy jumps into the hole, Buggy thinks about leaving but he is decapitated by a flying axe thrown by a Blue Glory guard. Buggy is uninjured but is knocked into the hole.Somewhere inside Level 2 of Impel Down, former Baroque Work's member Mr. 3 is sitting in his cell. Mr. 3 hears the screams and roars of the vicious beasts held in the level and dejectedly notes that everyone will be eaten by these beasts sooner or later.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And so Luffy and Buggy, our new odd couple, continue their adventure into the bowels of Impel Down. This chapter was interesting in that it has some detailed info on Buggy's ability. It turns out that Buggy's body parts can hover freely within a certain range of his feet. Obviously this turns out to be pretty useful as it allowed Buggy and Luffy to navigate the bladed forest. There's another interesting bit about Luffy's armband containing the map or clues to Captain John's treasure. I never even realized that Luffy wears an armband, or at least I don't remember where he got it. And finally with the reintroduction of Mr. 3, I'm guessing that Sir Crocodile and the rest of the former Baroque Works agents will soon be making their returns as well.
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