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SHINIGAMI CHOP!! (^w^) I certainly did not see that coming. Pumpkin Panties too!! So funny! I love the interaction between Shinigami-sama, Spirit and Medusa.The only disappointing thing about this episode is Medusa is set free! Darn! She should be jailed forever for all the evil deeds she has done to Crona, Stein and many other people. I really feel sorry for Stein. He looks really insane in this episode!!But well, I guess all these must happen in order for the plot to progress on.New Ending ThemeCool theme!! I absolutely love it! It fits Soul Eater totally! It's called 'Strength' and it's performed by Abington Boys School. You can hear it here.I love the new Ending Credits too. It really prepares us for the up and coming battle!SummaryMedusa is imprisoned. Maka and Soul head down to the jail. Maka uncontrollably shouts at Medusa for making use of Crona, but Medusa acts innocent the whole time. After Maka and Soul leave, Stein talks to Medusa. Like in the past, Medusa tries to persuade him to join her side, but before Stein can say anything, Spirit interrupts them and takes Medusa away for interrogation. Medusa claims to have useful information for Shibusen, but in order for her to reveal it, she has to see Shinigami-sama. To prove that she's trustworthy, she reveals the location of 'Brew'. Using her leads, Sid finds 'Brew'. Subsequently, Shinigami-sama agrees to see her. After Spirit takes off the chains around Medusa, Shinigami delivers a Shinigami Chop on her head. Then, after some joking around, they get down to real business. The deal is - Medusa offers to reveal the location of Kishin is in exchange for an immediate release and a guarantee of safety.Meanwhile, Arachne is embracing Ashura. With Ashura in her arms, she orders Mosquito to activate the Amplifier of Madness machine. From many locations, the machines start transmitting 'madness' into the world. From Shinigami-sama's mirror, he can see what's happening. Medusa explains to him that Arachne is trying to spread madness all over the world. As the 'madness' is transmitted from many locations, the fastest way to find out Kishin's location is through Medusa. Shinigami-sama knows that Medusa’s goal is for Shibusen and Arachnophobia to destroy each other, but he still decides to go through with the deal. Maka and friends are shocked to see Medusa being released. Crona is also present and he shivers with fear as he watches his mother. As Medusa leaves the school, she gives out an evil laughter.Meantime, Marie returns home and finds Stein missing. She immediately rushes out to look for him, but he’s nowhere to be found.PicturesShinigami Chop!!~~Hee! Serve Medusa right!!Pumpkin Panties!!~~The all-fearful Kishin is acting like a baby! (=.=)The 'madness' is transmitted from many locations!Evil laughter!Stein disappears!
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