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What exactly is going through Stein's mind? Perhaps he does not know about it too! He appears to care a lot for Shibusen but in the end, instead of returning to Shibusen, he ends up where Medusa is. (=.=) I pray very hard that he's not giving in to his insanity. The last thing I want to see in Soul Eater is Stein and Medusa working together. I hope this is just a plot of his to kill Medusa! Stein, I have trust in you!Anyway, young Stein looks very cute!! It's nice to see Stein talking to his younger self. (^.^)Kawaii!!~~SummaryStein has left Shibusen. His intention is to go to where Medusa is and to rid himself of the fake skin. Initially, he is able to do so guilt-free, however, as he wanders around, he begins to feel lost and is struggling with whether or not to return home.At Stein's home, Spirit informs Marie of Shibusen's decision to stop searching for Stein as he's already outside the city. He also asks Marie to return to Shibusen as there's a special Death Scythe mission for her. Marie feels sad and agitated about Shibusen's decision. Before Spirit leaves, he expresses his trust on Stein and he believes that Stein will not give in so easily.Meanwhile, BJ spills coffee on Eibon and discovers a secret page in the book of Eibon, which shows the secret behind operating 'Brew'. The secret is another demon weapon is required to operate 'Brew'. He immediately informs Shinigami-sama and he recommends Kid to be in charge of the search for the demon weapon. Shinigami-sama is worried that Kid might reject the mission as they have become quite distant recently. From Shinigami-sama's expression, he looks affected by Kid's aloofness towards him.Both Crona and Marie are very worried about Stein and they decide to seek permission from Shinigami-sama to search for Medusa and bring back Stein. Permission is granted.In Shibusen, classes are canceled due to the recent events. Maka is at home feeling restless as she is very worried about Crona and Stein. On the dining table, Soul finds a postcard from Maka's mother and he immediately passes it to Maka. When Maka sees the postcard, she feels very happy. Then, Black Star and Tsubaki drop by their house to ask them out to play basketball. While they are playing, Kid appears and informs them of the real reason behind Medusa's release. He also expresses his doubt about Shibusen. They are all shocked to hear of the truth.Stein is still wandering around and as he wanders, he sees Spirit, Marie, Medusa and a young witch. They are actually his illusion. He also sees his younger self. As he talks to his younger self, he realizes that there are things in this world more important than his own lust for insanity. The feeling of guilt starts to grow in him. After his younger self disappears, a door appears. He opens the door and the door leads him to.. Medusa.PicturesIllusion of Spirit.Stein is wandering around.Spirit expresses his trust in Stein.BJ spills coffee on Eibon and finds a secret page.Aww... Shinigami is crying..Crona wants to go look for Medusa and bring back Stein.Shinigami approves.Marie wants to go along too.Postcard from Mama.Kid appears..the truth is revealed to Maka and others.Illusion of Marie and insane Stein.Stein finally finds a door.And he finds..Medusa! (-.-!!)
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