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I finally decide to use SHE for Crona. I am still not exactly convinced that she's a girl but well, though the gender is still not mentioned specifically, most translations state SHE. I shall go with that too.Finally, we get to see Marie in action. She looks pretty cool with her hammer arm. I seriously hope she can somehow manage to get Stein back to his senses. It's awful to see Stein attacking his old comrade and struggling with his insanity.Another thing I like about this episode is that Crona is finally NOT wishy-washy. She actually shows quite a bit of backbone. It's always difficult and painful to fight against someone whom you have a love-hate relationship with. In this regard, I think Crona has done very well, even though in the end, she has to be saved by Maka.There are lots to look forward to in Episode 45. The fight between Maka and Medusa will begin! I wonder if we'll see the little devil in Soul again? \(^.^)/SummaryMaka and Soul are still trying to find Marie and Crona. They run to the top of a cliff and use Soul Resonance so as to increase Maka's range of Soul Perception.Meanwhile, due to Marie's poor sense of direction, Marie and Crona are lost in a swamp, which is near Medusa’s hideout. They finally find the hideout and make their way inside. Medusa tries to crush Marie with a big block, but fortunately Crona uses a shield to save Marie. Marie reveals to Medusa that she's no longer part of Shibusen and thus is not bound by Shibusen's agreement with Medusa. She also expresses her intention to bring Stein back. When being asked by Medusa why she is here, Crona replies firmly that she has come to stop Medusa for the sake of her precious friends. Upon hearing that, Medusa tries to win Crona over, but fails to.As for Stein, Medusa claims that he is doing everything on his free will, however Marie does not believe. After some fierce argument, they finally get into the fight. Marie uses her arm, which can turn into a giant hammer, as her weapon. Her giant hammer is strong enough to protect her from Medusa's Vector Arrows. Crona's weapon is her Ragnarok. Though determined, Crona is no match for his mother. Despite getting thrown around, Crona insists that she doesn’t want to betray her friends and doesn't want to be Medusa’s tool any longer. Agina, Medusa tries to use their relationship to win Crona over but Crona is determined to defeat her mother.Being p*ssed by Crona's behavior, Medusa decides to kill her. While attacking her, Medusa gets distracted by Marie. Medusa then pushes Marie to Stein to let him deal with her. The current Stein is very confused and can't differentiate reality from illusion. He decides to abide by the new order inside him, and he attacks Marie and threatens to dissect her. Meanwhile, Medusa tries to finish Crona off using her Vector Blade, however, fortunately, Maka and Soul show up in time to save Crona from Medusa’s fatal blow.PicturesSoul Resonance!Black Star has killed many minions and is now determined to find Kishin!Meanwhile, Justin is still fighting Giriko. The winner is still not determined.Hammer Arm!!What an irritating evil expression!!Vector Blade!Stein attacks Marie!Stein is confused!I wonder what the New Order is?!Maka saves the day and Crona!!
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