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\(^.^)/ Yea!! Stein is finally back to normal. It's nice to see him back and I especially love the interaction between him and Marie. (^.-) ♥Anyway, I seriously thought that Crona's dead for sure. The scene showing Crona’s courage and Ragnarok 'dying' is quite touching. I almost cried. It's good that she's alive but I do feel a little cheated.The action in this episode is great. It's great to see Stein fighting. I also love how they animate Maka's Anti demon wavelength. It's quite awesome looking. I'm quite surprised to see Medusa's end so soon. So far, she has been able to outsmart almost everyone and her death happens quite abruptly. Well, this means that the focus will now be fully on Kishin and Arachnophobia, though I have a feeling the focus will be much more on Kishin.Next week, Black Star vs Mifune (Round 3)! Can't wait to see Mifune fight again!SummaryMedusa is confident that no one from Shibusen dares to attack her but it seems like Maka, unlike Marie, doesn’t care about the fact that she is using Rachel's body or the deal that she has made with Shibusen.Maka and Soul, along with Marie and Crona, resonate their souls. However, even with Soul Resonance, Maka is having a hard time getting past Stein. He is still in a confusion state and is currently trying to get rid of the noise ringing in his head. Medusa encourages him to destroy the source of the noise. When Marie tries to get near Stein, he easily blows her away.Meanwhile, Medusa tries to stab Maka using Vector Arrow from behind. Crona pushes Maka away and takes the hit. Crona starts to bleed profusely. Maka is shocked beyond words and starts crying. Crona asks Maka not to cry and expresses how happy she is to have finally been of help to Maka. The loss of Crona causes Maka to lose her sanity. Soul tries to 'wake' her up but it’s too late. Maka has lost her sanity and Soul is enveloped by the black blood.When Stein is fighting Maka, Marie takes the opportunity to use her 'Wavelength of Redemption' on the both of them. This helps Stein to rid of the noise in his head and to regain his sanity. Maka also regains her sanity in the process.Stein fights again but this time round, he's fighting for Shibusen and with Marie as his weapon. He assures Maka that Crona is still alive, though only barely, and promises to save her. For now, he wants Maka to concentrate on Medusa. Stein and Marie then go ahead to fight Medusa to distract her while Maka uses her Anti demon wavelength, which she has inherited from her mother, to attack Medusa. As predicted by Stein, the use of Anti demon wavelength allows Maka to defeat Medusa without harming Rachel. Before Medusa disappears, she warns them that the Anti demon wavelength won’t work on Kishin.After the victory against Medusa, Stein announces that both Crona and Rachel are safe. Maka then takes out the postcard that her mother sent her. There is some writing on it which Maka can't understand, and when Stein takes a look, he realizes that it says 'Shaja’at' which means courage. Marie and Stein decide to head back to Shibusen with Crona and Rachel, while Maka and Soul choose to go look for Kishin. Meanwhile, Black Star and Tsubaki have already just reached Baba Yaga’s Castle, and they are 'welcomed' by Mifune.PicturesSoul Resonance!Stein is fighting for Medusa.Crona is killed?Marie's 'Wavelength of Redemption'So sweet!!!Stein is fighting for Shibusen!Maka's 'Anti Demon Wavelength'Medusa is finally defeated!!'Shaja’at' = CourageNext week: Black Star vs Mifune!
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