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Yea! Mifune wins. He clearly deserves to. I love the moment when Mifune finishes Black Star off. The animation is really well done. I also like how they relate Mifune vs Black Star fight to Mifune vs White Star fight. It gives their fight more meaning and this also helps in Black Star's character development.Excalibur is back again! It was funny to see Shinigami, Spirit and Yumi ignoring Excalibur at the beginning. Excalibur is truly an irritating weapon. I'm surprised that Excalibur is the one who explains about Eibon's immortality research. The way he does it is quite funny but I think it will be more dramatic if Shinigami or Eibon himself was the one explaining it.Anyway, Soul Eater anime is coming to an end soon , I wonder how things will go from here. I have very high hopes that Soul Eater anime will create a good ending of its own.Summary'The way of sword or the way of demon? Which is the path you will take?' This is the question Mifune has for Black Star. Black Star has no answer and with that the battle starts. Mifune proves to be too strong for Black Star and that forces Black Star to go into Demon Sword mode. Mifune takes that as the answer for his question. However, Black Star insists that he doesn't care about the way and all he cares about is to win.Looking into Black Star’s eyes, Mifune is reminded of White Star. In the past, Mifune had fought White Star, and like Black Star now, White Star only cared about winning. The conclusion of the battle was White Star lost to the darkness inside him and became a demon. Mifune hopes that Black Star will use this as a lesson, however, Black Star thinks that White Star lost because his soul was weak. Seeing how stubborn and obstinate Black Star is, Mifune finally decides to finish him off, and he leaves Black Star lying in a pool of blood.Meanwhile, in Arachnophobia, Arachne orders Mosquito to use the powerful cannon to disrupt Shibusen's invasion. Mosquito does as told and the big explosion wipes out a large section of the surrounding forest.Back in Shibusen, Kid has returned with the Demon Tool and he goes look for BJ with it. In BJ's lab, he finds BJ and his father. Kid refuses to hand over the Demon Tool unless he gets an explanation on what’s happening. To Kid’s surprise, his father easily agrees to tell him. Shinigami explains that the Demon Tool is Eibon’s final work, called Eibon. Shinigami then uses the Demon Tool to summon Eibon. Kid is curious about their relationship and Shinigami explains that Eibon was one of the eight warriors a long time ago. Kid is also curious about why Eibon is the creator of Demon Tools. Shinigami then explains that the research was originally for maintaining order in the world. However, over time, Eibon's research switched its focus.Suddenly, Excalibur appears, to Kid's horror, and reveals that the focus was switched to immortality. Excalibur explains that Eibon started researching immortality to save his sick wife, but he couldn’t make progress. Then, Arachne came in to 'help'. It all sounds like a lie to Kid but Shinigami confirms that it's true and reveals that 'Brew' was created by Eibon and Arachne. Shinigami then asks Excalibur why he's here. Excalibur replies that he's here to see everything with his own eyes. With everything explained, Eibon unlocks 'Brew'.PicturesMifune vs Black Star!!Mifune vs White Star!Mifune wins!Mosquito blows up the forest.Kid returns to Shibusen with the Demon Tool.He finds out the truth behind Eibon from his father and..Excalibur!Haha.. Excalibur is indeed annoying!Eibon unlocks 'Brew'.
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